Wednesday, October 27, 2004


Trumpet joined the hive today. She sure looks...well...agressive, walks aggressive, talks aggressive, shook hands aggressively and err, writes agressive. This was some excerpts of what she wrote:

Thanks Queen StainTeeth and all for the welcome yada yada ‘unsociable’ behaviour today yada yada wah lau eh yada yada.

Am married, have three dogs yada yada smoke a pack a day yada yada not particularly subtle person yada yada we get a chance to interact a bit more over the coming days, weeks yada yada you’ll be telling me to shut up about myself!


OMG, I hope it's not bad news to have someone "not very subtle" as the leader of the pack. And I guess I'll have to bear with Trumpet bellowing into my poor ears and to put up with that loud-ish put-on accent phone conversations. Sigh. What do to?

We, little honey bees
Are hired to only serve
Serve dame Trumpet, serve madame Queen
Slog away with hardwork
Presented to our Trumpet
Trumpet takes the honey
And serve it to the Queenie

[Chants to 'Two Little Blackbirds' nursery rhyme]

Current emotions: Still confused
Random observation: I am having a craving for honey-coated macadamia nuts!
Currently reading: Does My Bum Look Big in This? by Arabella Weir
Currently listening to: My confused heartbeat

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MrsT: Well, she is married to a foreigner but she doesn't use her hubby's name. A real trumpet, she.
Primrose | Homepage | 10.12.04 - 10:46 pm | #


I had a female boss by the name of Frances Matt.. a long time ago .. oh boy..!! she was a boss from hell..!! So sneaky..!! I don't ever wanna see her again.. if i do.. i'm sure... she will get a mouthful..!!!
MrsT | 12.12.04 - 5:47 am | #


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