Tuesday, October 26, 2004

An opinion of me

1) You have the purity and sweetness of a girl.
(Yes, I do agree with that princessy look of it all *sweet grin*)

2) And no matter how old you get, you can stay youthful.
(Maybe because I'm barely 5 ft 2"!)

3) Your attitude is very straight forward and bald.
(Sad to say that my tongue is very dangerous and poisonous. I have to learn to be more tactful, really)

4) You have a quick mind, and a sharp instinct to read the other person's mind.
(Sometimes I feel I'm psychic)

5) You are an active woman.
(In what? *** ? Someone just chided that I travel more than most average girls and I still complain I haven't gone anywhere. *hiss*)

6) Nevertheless, you also possess a motherly character.
(I can't wait to be impregnated and breastfeed. My mum once commented that I have very ready tools!)

7) You are kind and can show consideration to others.
(Of course, I'm a Libran)

8) You tend to be rather argumentative, and will not accept something that is unreasonable.
(I'm a stubborn-head. When I say I'm right, err, I'm right. Right?)

9) It takes time to gain your consent.
(*sigh* I'm indecisive and always weighing the possibilities too much)

10) You are independent, and have a challenging spirit to achieve your objectives and ideals.
(I am an independent one but challenging? Hmm...maybe to men and with men!)

11) Once you start on something, you will not give up half way, or show weakness.
(Must complete something properly - even a hand job! So never start if you know you can't finish it. *hiaks*)

12) You know how to get on in life, and are a calculative woman.
(Yes, I do and I am)

13) Economic wise, you've got your feet steadily on the ground.
(After my last "expensive" lesson, yes)

14) You are rather suspicious type of person.
(I was born to be mysterious and highly secretive)

15) You don't tend to take every word of other person straightly.
(No, I don't trust you)

16) You try to read behind the lines, very carefully.
(Because I don't trust you)

17) You tend to get lost in your thought.
(Because I analyse the "lie")

18) You think highly of sports and training.
(When the fats pile on. Oops, don't trip on the treadmill again, dear)

19) Nevertheless, you also think a lot about art, and are a romantic sort of person.
(I love hand art and I grew up on too many Mills & Boons and Judith McNaughts. Ahhh, cloud nine)

20) Even after you get married, you can be successful as a professional.
(Professional breast-feeder, yesssss!)

Results with courtesy from this link and I must say that it's 90% the truth and 10% a blunder!

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