Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Jagged little pill

I am going to hate the next 4 days. Yes, I will hate it. A visit to the doctor's yesterday allotted me with 3 types of pills of which I'll have to take TWICE daily. Urghh! It's loathsome. I practically HATE popping pills.

I must have been born with a really narrow throat and a weak stomach with a low threshold for bitter pills. One cannot imagine the trouble I had to go through to keep my pills in.

First, I'll have a hard time breaking a pill into 4 equal quarters and at the same time, decide if I'll need orange juice or hot chocolate to go with it.

Then, I'll have to keep really calm, my breathing synchronised to brace myself for the event of swallowing.

Now, I'll have to think hard on where, on my tongue, to place that wretched little pill. Right after, I'll have to make a swift decision while the pill is at the back-end of the tongue on whether I'm ready to drink the damn water NOW and swallow.

When the pill comes in contact with liquid, at that split nano-second, I'll have to perfect the art of swallowing in a gulp but at the same time making sure that air bubbles wouldn't be trapped or else it will constrict the speed of the pill-slide down to my stomach, giving the pill an opportunity to leave it's powdery bitterness on my tongue which then will lead to the possibility of regurgitating.

And if that happens, it will take me ages before I can swallow the next pill and the whole arduous cycle repeats.


And that's not even describing how horrific it is if the pill remains stuck at the back-end of the tongue, all melted and "showered" AFTER the water has taken the plunge. Oh, that will be a drama of the century.

Did I tell you how I hate that after-taste which roughs out the tongue? Talk about a downturn in my appetite. Sheesh!

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