Sunday, June 05, 2016


It was the school holidays and we were in Penang last weekend for some pool, sun and beach time with the kids. The hotel gave a kid's pack to each of my girls which consist of a colouring book with stickers and a box of colour pencils. Sweet!

So one of the pages had some lines and my girl doodled to complete the picture. I think they are all very cute, just like a 5-year-old doodle. 

On the left, the tortoise has been done as an example. My girl then drew Mr Potato, a snake and Uranus (wow!). And then there was a cute lizard which looked more like a dinasour, some hill, some grass and a digger which my girl referred to as an excavator. That was my favourite. Too cute because with her already small drawing, she could draw a girl inside the tiny excavator! *much love*

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