Thursday, August 06, 2015

Bye SX4

How long has it been since I owned you, dear SX4? By finger calculation, that's a month short of 4 beautiful, problem-free years. Hmm, now why is it that this sentence sounded so familiar? That's because this is the 2nd time I have sold my car(s) a month short of them being 4 years old.

I'm just blogging this down for memory because who knows, I may just scroll through the history of the cars I have once owned to relive the moment for a bit.

Dear SX4, I'm really sorry I haven't really bathed you often enough that even on the day I gave you away, you were still covered in soot. And I'm sorry I kinda neglected you for almost a year because of her. But that said, I have showered you with a lot of love and I have always kept you clean from the inside out. I didn't really want anybody to be attracted to you physically (from the outside) because I know I would be heartbroken if they were to steal you away from me. So the soot did a good job hiding you from suitors. I wish you all the best as you walk down the aisle away from me and hope that one day, we will meet in the eye again... xoxo Primrose

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