Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Oh my!

Oh my! I haven't watered my garden for a while now, have I? Even the year last updated still shows 2012 and that's not very current, isn't it? Hey, I have very good reasons (donch we all?) for a lil' ignorance here.

Actually, I have been gracefully reminded of my garden by my blogger friend, Desi, who gave me a call a few days ago and said "hey, you haven't been blogging much, have you"? So oops, there!

It is time to clear the weeds in the garden and plant some fresh seeds, aye! So here I am sitting at my workstation, feeling slightly cold from the slow humming air of the central air-conditioning in my quiet office, slowly sipping on my cup of steaming hot chocolate and overlooking a rainy and very dark afternoon outside my window,

Oh my! I have so much to write, so where shall I start? Hmmm, chronologically, shall we? Let's start with:

January 2013 (ahh! 2013 is more like it, innit?)
Actually January this year was an extremely busy month for me. We have just moved into a new house and there was soooo much to do. Rewind 4 months into 2012, we put our condo unit for sale and it was snapped up within a week! We had a month to vacate the place for the new owners and there I was, frantically looking for a reliable Mover. For the price we paid, I must say that the Movers did a very good job with their wrapping, packing and boxing of all items and furniture, heavyweight, lightweight be it paper, glass or wood. Close to 90 boxes altogether, off they went into storage for hibernation. Bizarre experience!! We were kinda homeless for a bit since the new house wasn't even ready yet. Renovations took the longest time - 3 months to be exact! I don't even want to start talking about opening the 90 boxes... >.<

February 2013
Oh my, February! The stork arrived with my 2nd bundle of joy right before the Chinese New Year. So here's yet another introduction (5 months too late) to my 2nd Siamese Princess of Ranong - Clarissa. This photo was taken when she was about a week old, measures only as long as the baby bolster next to her. How cute! :)

May 2013
I have skipped March because that was when I get to experience a whole month of being a full time mum (and a full time "cow" breastfeeding ALL OVER AGAIN) to Clare while spending all my free time clearing storage boxes and figuring what goes where.

I have skipped April too because that was when I went back to work feeling fatigue most times as sleep was never in my schedule. I think I have dozed off in front of my laptop many times but after 2 weeks, my body began to adjust and was kinder to me. Little Clare slept a little more at night too, allowing mummy many nights of 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep and *THAT* was heaven, oh my!

And then came May and Kimberly turned 2. If a picture speaks a thousand words, here are 2. :) That was Kim's cake with her favourite Pocoyo & Friends characters and a Trunkisaurus from mummy...

So here I am experiencing motherhood twice over and a long way to go. To summarise, it ain't easy at all and when you think it will get easier when they get older, well, there shall be another set of worries. I will leave that till later... but right now, I am just concentrating on breastfeeding and sleeeeeeeeeepp! :)


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Friend For Life said...

Thank you soooo much for the update and all your news. I've really missed your garden a lot, too. My love to all of your growing family.