Monday, July 12, 2010

Making an Appearance

It's been a while. A long while but not quite a full year yet. The garden of Primrose has been left unattended for (only) exactly 8 months but it felt like it was only yesterday. The flowers have withered on unwatered plains but no fret, I like it this way. What better way to have the buzzing bees and butterflies leave my garden alone than this.

So much has happened and yet, no life-changing experiences. Life went on as usual, unsurprisingly, quite ordinarily. Christmas 09 was celebrated with a family dinner. The New Year already long past where I went to bed early because I didn't want to be out with and in the crowd. Then came Chinese New Year in February where I indulged in some gambling and a lot of girly gatherings. B.U.M 2010 came and went in May with a little hyper buzz that in 2011, we'd like to invite our very own Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. The keys to my very own pad were delivered last month and after having conducted two inspections to the empty pad, it's now time to make it cool. So you see, just a blink of an (eight-month) blink, I'm now at the present month of July.

However, in all those months of routine, one thing remained constant. The moolah flow. :) Business has been great for my handmade beading accessories :) My artsy–craftsy skill and creativity has earned me a new laptop (upgrade from 5-year-old Primpy Junior), my binge for ANOTHER Louis Vuitton bag and matching wallet and numerous facial packages. :) :) Yeah, I'm a sucker for facials. So there you have it! A summary from where I left it...

These flowers in the beading pot will continue to be very colourful and bursting! Bloom, flowers, bloom!


Fish Fish said...

Welcome back dear!!! Blog more. I am blogging daily now, at least on my new cosmetics blog. :P I wish I am as crafty as you, at least I can earn some money while jobless. Show me your LV bag! I am crazy about bags, but lately cannot buy anymore cause have to save money. *sigh*

Lene said...

Yay, I'm glad you're on the blogging groove again. Missed you! :)

And oh, welcome back! Hugs! :)

Primrose said...

Fish fish, I try to blog more often now. Should not lose touch with writing about life, right? :) My LV bag is the Neverfull PM (smallest one), Damier Ebene (the check one) and the matching wallet is the Zippy coin purse. :) I already got a larger monogram wallet. Too big lah.

Lene, hugs back. :) I will try to write more often. :)

Fish Fish said...

Hehe... Ebene is my favorite print. The Monogram is not my cup of tea. My only two LV items are Ebene too. I am more a handle bag person, so I got the Berkeley. Matching wallet is Koala. Love them, but they tend to be heavy sometimes due to the hardware. I just hope they will come up with Totally in Ebene soon. I just feel Neverfull handle are too thin for me, and they don't have zip. Yes, all my bigger wallets just become antiques. My most use wallet now is a Coach Poppy small wallet in wrislet style. Small yet I can fit in 7 cards easily!

Primrose said...

Hehe, I like everything small small pulak. Yeah, the Neverful no zip but it's the smallest, so I keep it light and only match it with smallest coin purse available (still big, can fit around 7 cards too!)

Eh, I also got Coach poppy wristlet. Purple one some more. Love it. Can put my iphone, my cash, and some cards for a quick outing.

Yay for bags and wallets!!! :) :)