Monday, July 26, 2010

Gone with the Wind

Nah, I am not talking about the movie, you silly. I am talking about the good ol' times. The times when technology barely existed. When there weren't emails, e-cards, mobile phones and text messages.

Just last week, I was writing a note on a "thank you" card to my customer who supported me quite a bit. And my oh my, what happened to my pretty handwriting? I think it was more like scribbles now. I wrote barely 3 lines and my wrists felt tired already. How come we don't feel tired when we TYPE?? Can you imagine that? Tired? What happened to those school days where you write PAGES of essays? Gone with the wind. Curse the keyboard.

And right after the "thank you" note, I wrote a birthday card. And while I was writing a short message of love, I realised how I hated it when others just write "Happy Birthday" on a birthday card. I mean, a birthday card already comes with its "Happy Birthday" message. So why bother repeating? But hey, I find it even worse when people just put inverted commas on the pre-printed "Happy Birthday". Sounds familiar? For goodness sake, write something meaningful. Err, a little out of context there. Now, back to my point. So what happened to sending and receiving cards or letters in the post? What happened to snail mails these days? Does anybody write with pen and paper anymore? Gone with the wind. Curse e-cards.

So after licking the envelope cover to seal and licking a 50 cents stamp (yes, I lick old school), I went downstairs to get a glass of water and what do I see? My nephew playing intently on the PSP/PS2 or whatchamacallit rectangular thingy with rounded edges and buttons aplenty! Sigh. Doesn't any growing kid want to ride a bicycle anymore? Or go catch grasshoppers in the bushes? Or go fly a kite? Err, I mean that literally. Gone with the wind. Curse video games / consoles.

Sad, isn't it? Not that technology isn't a good thing but *sigh*... I miss the good ol' times sometimes. Just sometimes. Reality is, you DO need the wind to move you forward, to move you in the right direction. The wind will blow now and again. Wait for the next wave...

But please do me a favour? Go get yourself a puppy and stop feeding a virtual pet, a'ight? LOL!


Fish Fish said...

Hey dear, a very nice post. I missed the days when I received 30 snail mails per month during my uni year. I am so tempted to write snail mails, but I just don't know why I didn't. Typing is so much faster and easier I guess. Hehe... I have stopped my virtual pets many months ago. Wanted to have a real pet, but too much hassle in our apartment.

Primrose said...

Hey Fish Fish, I miss my uni days too. Apart from snail mails, I enjoy receiving parcels from home. :) Stop your virtual pets. LOL!! Get a hamster. :p

kruy® said...

nice to have u back primrose, and this is a nice piece =)

yes, the good old days when we waited and waited everyday for the postman to come and deliver us letters. missed the good old days.. now what do we do? every day, every minute check fb! used to be emails, now is social networking sites. talk about technology and evolution.