Monday, September 01, 2008


I was spring cleaning some parts of the house when I found my forgotten electric guitar hidden away in some corner, weaving cobwebs.

I remember I got it at the same time I've decided I would learn the violin first, because I realised that I simply cannot handle both instruments at one time as it would be extremely confusing to the mind and fingers. One with 4 strings and another with 6! Now that I think I am ready to explore the guitar, I wanted to tune the guitar strings but oops! What are the 6 strings on a guitar?

So I decided to send a text message: Hey there, what are the 6 notes on a guitar? I wanted to tune my guitar but don't know much about the instrument. I scrolled my address book and randomly picked about 15 guy friends on my list and bulk messaged them.

"Do re mi fa so la. I'm a guitar idiot", came one reply.
"Me no play guitar", came the second one.
"I'm tone deaf and musically untalented", said another.
"Sorry, I no play guitar", my phone beeped.
"Never been musically inclined," beeped another.
"Same as the electric guitar," came one stupid reply. DUH!

Beep. Negative.
Beep. Negatvie.
Beep. Negative.

Gosh! What's wrong with guys nowadays? Aren't you guys supposed to be guitar plucking romeos, impressing yer lady love? I couldn't believe my eyes reading message after message apologising to the shocked me. What do YOU guys do to woo yer gurls these days, pray tell? And I thought that all along, the guitar has been such a guy thing. Guess I'm so so wrong.

The strings are E-A-D-G-B-E, by the way. It's spelt EDGE with AB in between, get it?

*shakes head*
*still shocked*

5 flowers for this post
playing the guitar should be on top of my priority list too!
mrs. jeff buckley | Homepage | 05.09.08 - 7:56 pm | #


LOL I guess it is a sad facts that a lot of Malaysian guys don't play guitar anymore. I will get one that I know play pretty well to read this post.
fish fish | Homepage | 09.09.08 - 2:03 am | #


I opted to learn how to play it since I'm the only one who doesn't know how among us sisters but I was not successful. I can't stand the pain on my fingertips everytime I tried to play it.

But I know how to play 1 song thought. Apart from that, I won't try anymore. :p

Oh, btw. I will have to post story about my meeting with Char and Titi and Sam. Dunno if I mentioned it to you but anyhoo, you'll read about it soon.

Take care!
Lene | Homepage | 09.09.08 - 7:33 pm | #


Hi Reta, yes, playing the guitar is next on my list. Perhaps 2009's resolution??

Hi fish fish, yes lah, sad news for us gurls these days, huh? Haha! I guess guys wow gurls with flowers and chocs now. Or do they not??

HEY Lene!! So good to hear from you. Yes, Char told me that she's going to pay you a visit. I can't wait to read all about it!
Primrose | 10.09.08 - 10:38 am | #


Yes....I will post up at the soonest.

You certainly looking forward to it..xoxo..
charlene | 11.09.08 - 9:48 pm | #


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