Sunday, October 28, 2007


Caution: Girly post

It's a girl's bestfriend, they say,
Or at least, it's mine, I'd say,
No, I don't mean carat studs,
Neither did I mean pairs of shoes,
No it's not dresses and such,
Neither is it food or booze.

It ranges from affordable to pricey,
Can be plain or delightfully lacy,
No matter the price, I'd still pay for it,
As long as it is a perfect fit!

I meant those brassiere,
Bra, for short, or lingerie,
I have one too many, mum would say,
But a bra a day keeps frozen buds away :)

I like to arrange them by shades,
From whites to blacks,
Ah! There is beige,
To greens to pinks to purples and reds.

The collection will continue to add
There's definitely NO DOUBT about that!
Triumph, Pour Moi, Wacoal, Xixili
You name it, they fit beautifully!

I don't even want to start,
About my collection of matching panties,
Afraid that you might sigh hard,
Knowing the amount I'd spend on undies!!


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nothing like a suggestive and baudy poem to start the week eh? *laughs*

i like women undies too. well not on me of course. i'm a not that kind of pervert, hahaha!
g. | Homepage | 29.10.07 - 12:32 pm | #


boyissh peace:

it's large, medium or small
can have it raw, medium or well done
con bf on sundae is really fun
oral sex with an omelette to start the run
--knotty desi
ylchong | Homepage | 29.10.07 - 7:52 pm | #


haha.... so many of them
MeiyeN | Homepage | 02.11.07 - 3:52 pm | #


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