Thursday, May 04, 2006


Did you know that I love chicken wings? Well, now you do. When I go mamak-ing with friends in the evenings or for supper, I'd eye for chicken wings. When we go out to ocassional lunches or dinners, I'd order chicken wings. Some bbq-ed, some cheese-baked, some marinated with turmeric, honey, black pepper, even coke but most are classicly served deep fried. I'd be disappointed if they served little drummettes instead (and write "wings" on the menu).

A friend of mine fed my cravings after all my whining and took me to some club house.

Feed me! Feed me! Half a dozen of deep fried wings! No, I don't recognise calories

BURPPPPP! Sorry for gross pic! Wanna prove to you that I've wiped the plate bones clean.

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erhm, it really did look a bit gross, haha ;p
kruy | Homepage | 05.05.06 - 7:53 am | #


I lurveee wings too! Best I have came across so far are those from Pizza Hut (they had the sweet & spicy flavour for a while but not sure if they still do) and the cheese-baked ones from Kim Gary. Ooohhh... =)
Amie.Lee | Homepage | 05.05.06 - 4:16 pm | #


I'd prefer drummettes to wings. Dunno how to appreciate the pointed parts.
bkworm | Homepage | 05.05.06 - 10:38 pm | #


Ha ha, the thigh part is my fave! =) Prim, I just convinced myself that you really love food! Good thing you're not getting fat!
arGlene | 06.05.06 - 8:52 pm | #


kruy: Heh, heh! Bones and skin! :P

Amie.Lee: I agree with Kim Gary but recently, I visited this outlet called Olden Ship and it served Coke wings and Butter wings. I must say that they were the best wings I've ever tasted.

bkworm: Actually that's smart cos the wings are the most oil-laden, deep-fried, most fattening part.

arGlene: Hehe! I'm beginning to think that too! And...I think my weight's just piling.
Primrose | Homepage | 07.05.06 - 9:04 am | #


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