Sunday, February 05, 2006

Reunion of sorts

Pictures and more pictures (to come)! It has been a great week of reunions and catching up, dinners and lots of loh sang(s), gambling sessions and all sorts. Yes, it's a promise that you will see more of me.

Thanks Mei Li for the last 2 home-baked pineapple tarts (and congratulations! At long last, he proposed!). Hui Hwa, thanks for this pic!

We've got a great shirt colour combination. Cheers to the New Year!

Great reunion, Sim and Schien

That's us again. So cool!

See? We meet again after our last Christmas gathering

And Chinese won't be Chinese on Chinese New Year without gambling. After 3 hours of Blackjack, I won ... but only RM1. Cheh! Better than nothing, hoh?

All the way from Hong Kong to experience the Chinese New Year atmosphere here in KL with us, great to see you again, Hung Yu. We relive our good ol' uni days, man!

Happy happy yay yay! Don't kill me for putting up this pic. It's real cool lar *runs and hide*

Was the 3rd tallest in the world (??) but now stands at 4th (correct me, please). Night view of our brightly lit and best landmark in Kuala Lumpur - the Petronas Twin Towers. How do you like that?

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Sweetie, I wish my face is as small as yours. LOL

Hey, how did you make the twin look so "dreamy"? I like.
fish fish | Homepage | 06.02.06 - 5:26 pm | #


Hi fish fish, you know what? Many many Japanese (girls and guys) have told me that they love my face (because it's small). Why?

The twin towers look "dreamy" cos it's a blur pic, taken at night and with a 1.2 megapixel camera phone only. Heh, heh!
Primrose | Homepage | 06.02.06 - 11:25 pm | #


I love your face, too, because it is a true reflection of your inner beauty.
Friend For Life | 07.02.06 - 8:40 am | #


hmm... ya wor, didnt realise ur face is smaller compared to others. either ur face small or the others are so big. haha...

gong xi fa cai to u too!
kruy | Homepage | 07.02.06 - 1:38 pm | #


Because Japanese people think small faces is the prettiest. ^_^ That's why you see their actress a lot have small faces for the pretty characters. i'm not a Japanese though. Muahaha... Meaning I don't really like every small face. I like small faces belong to people that I like.
fish fish | Homepage | 08.02.06 - 12:46 pm | #


Thanks FFL. I love it too.

kruy: My face small ler. My friends perli me by putting their palms on my face and say it's so small.

fish fish: Me me me! *jump jump*
Primrose | Homepage | 09.02.06 - 12:14 am | #


we all love the K-L-C-C x3

it's a song.. i created =P
cyber-red | Homepage | 09.02.06 - 9:19 pm | #


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