Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Getting dim

I was having dim sum by the roadside that morning. With the I-just-got-out-from-bed look, I didn't feel like talking much. Instead, while nibbling at my food on chopsticks, I just stared at the cars moving past ever so slowly, hoping to get a parking spot near the dim sum eatery.

Just look at the people in the cars. My guesses would be:
1. Husband/boyfriend driving, wife/girlfriend by the side.
2. Husband driving, wife by the side, kid(s) behind.
3. Husband driving, wife by the side, parents behind.
4. Wife driving, mother by the side, kid(s) behind.
[fill in the blanks]

Such a perfect picture of harmony, I thought. Or was it because you simply can't have dim sum alone?

Then I shifted my gaze to the people seated around me having dim sum. Observing from table to table, I found that the kids are always seated between the parents and the parents do not converse much, if not at all. The kid(s) will fidget around while the wife/husband will stare into midair in silence.

Why? Is there nothing to talk about anymore? Sure, priorities have changed and kids are now the main topic of conversation but is the spark not there anymore? Is there nothing more to discover about your spouse once you're married with kids?
[fill in the blanks]

At times, I wonder so much about mundane, day-to-day things that I know not what I'm wondering about anymore. My mind just dimmed out.

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Every now and then, something makes you feel really warm and fuzzy inside, just when you see an old couple, you get to starts to feel their warm..

Yes. I did consider your view point about "Is there nothing better to talk about"? well, i guess it just the matter of both hubba and wife do have already so called "common undertanding" within each other, therefore, they tend to be silent..

and, it is no longer like the usual conversation we all had:

"I looked into her/his eyes this morning and realized I'd probably miss the morning greetings.

'Are you going to miss me at all?' I asked.

I seriously wonder. Am I making any sense..

Take good care primrose!
charlene | Homepage | 21.02.06 - 11:43 pm | #


I've stopped wondering about life. I just take it as it comes. If something happens I'll take that as a bonus. If nothing, life goes on.

About not having anything to talk about, well I'm still a noob in that area and can't offer my two cents worth.

*proceeds to adjust bracelet on primrose's hand*

Imran | Homepage | 22.02.06 - 12:18 am | #


I think oftentimes when a relationship has passed it's honeymoon period these moments of silence will occur.

It's not naturally a bad thing though. It indicates that you are so in sync with your partner that you are comfortable with merely being around without having to feel the need to make conversation for the sake of it.
slacker | 22.02.06 - 12:59 am | #


A lifting post to go with my dim sum BF, if I can find one by a "roadside"?
Not dim at all, so light!
ylchong | Homepage | 22.02.06 - 9:46 am | #


Cheer up, Primrose. FYI, I go for dim sum, movies, shopping, etc, etc all by myself....That's what you call Single life yo. If you have a problem, then you know it's time to move on and have a family.
Prometeuz | 22.02.06 - 11:30 am | #


Char/slacker: I totally understd. Sometimes I just wonder if couples make small talks because they are obligated to fill in slent gaps. Sigh.

Hey Imran! Yes, adjust my bracelet then. We both read minishorts, eh? Take life as it comes. Live life as it is. I said that once before too.

Hi Desi, it's a good change from Haridas teh tarik!

Yes, I second that Prometeuz. I can do all that alone too and singledom reigns. And I have also said this once before: I think I'll stay here for a while...
Primrose | Homepage | 23.02.06 - 9:15 am | #


There is a saying that goes: Love must be nurtured. I suppose this is especially so for married couples. Things that are taken for granted will slowly fade into midair.
Amie.Lee | Homepage | 23.02.06 - 1:38 pm | #


Oh. Oh. Oh. Hungry. Hungry. Hungry.
Yuen Li | Homepage | 24.02.06 - 7:57 pm | #


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