Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Goodbye 2005

Another 3 days to a brand New Year and I thought it would be a good thing to recap the resolutions I made to-do list for 2005. Lessee now...

1) New curtains for my room (so that I can sleep better)
Scratch that. I bought 2 sets of new curtains but they were kinda thin in material and it didn't block off much light.

2) Get at least one bright coloured bedsheet set (to make sleep inviting)
Scratch that. I bought 2 sets too! Inviting alright.

3) Get a new car (it's on everybody's list)
Scratch that. From red to deep green. From Ford to Toyota. From 1.3 to 1.6. From a hatchback to a saloon. How's that for an upgrade? *winks*

4) Get a perm (to get more wolf-whistles)
Scratch that. Not once but twice this year too. Once before the Chinese New Year and once more during the Raya break. Unfortunately, the curls refused to last long on both perms. Guess original texture's the best. Sigh. No more whistles.

5) Stop biting my nails (less bacteria in the stomach)
Uhm, I'm still doing that I see.

6) Go for more massages (to improve blood circulation)
I tried to but it slowed down again in the last few months.

7) Eat salmon once a week (omega3 for the heart)
Well, can't afford salmon once a week but I did try to have salmon at least once a month (but I hadn't had salmon for the past 3 months already. Hiaks!). Oh, and my medical report states an increase in good cholesterol and a decrease in bad cholesterol. Oily fish works.

8) Eat less beef (for better complexion)
B..b..but I love beef. Everything's beef. Beef pies, beef steaks, beef rendang...No wonder my complexion is not getting any better. Tsk tsk tsk!

9) Take vitamin C solubles - everyday! (to lessen wrinkles p'haps?)
Hmm, I bought half a dozen twin packs after I made my resolution which should finish in about 6 months if I were to take one every single day but ... I think my current supply can last me another 3 months still. Ahaksss. Wrinkles? Last I checked, they didn't disappear.

10) Visit China this year (or anywhere, just go somewhere)
Scratch that. I've got a trip report to show. Neh neh neh neh neh!

11) Find a new kick-ass job (with kick-ass colleagues)
With kick-ass pay. *wink wink*

12) Minimise credit card expenditure (yeah, right)
Er, can scratch this or not leh? I minimised spending but I also spent some more later but I also paid up debts wor. So scratch or not?

13) Enhance my pole-dancing or take up belly-dancing (I meant to write yoga)
Err...I have procrastinated enrolling myself into that belly-dance class for ages now. *sigh* Maybe next year...

14) Continue with my search for the one (another dog, perhaps?)

15) Get a new notebook
Hah! Scratch that! Primpy Junior is just so cool. Yeah, bebeh!

So how does it look? Not too bad for a year's worth eh?


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happy new year girl!
michaelooi | Homepage | 28.12.05 - 10:55 pm | #


Happy new year to you .. !! looks like you accomplished quite alot this year..
i'm very proud of you .
Mama BoK | Homepage | 29.12.05 - 12:21 am | #


happy new year primrose. all da best in ur resolution. Just dont burn a hole in ur pocket.
foodcrazee | 29.12.05 - 5:50 pm | #


can i imagine primpy junior as your son/daughter? hehehhe

happy early new year babe
cyber-red | Homepage | 29.12.05 - 9:19 pm | #


Re Point 13 - A Hula Hoop will give you similar and probably superior results to pole or belly dancing, without the excuses that having to enroll in and attend lessons tend to bring. Ten minutes per day with a Hula Hoop will do you wonders.
Friend For Life | 29.12.05 - 9:54 pm | #


Happy new year, dear primrose.
fish fish | Homepage | 30.12.05 - 2:23 pm | #


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