Monday, October 10, 2005


Ok, what's THREE and FIVE but it's not SEVEN? Arghhh! I've been tagged again, thanks to Emily for the meme. Here's to revealing more of myself:

Three names you go by
1) Fran
2) Frances
3) *h *h*t (yes you! you know it)

Three screen names you've had
1) Primrose
2) Princess
3) Frany

Three physical things you like about yourself
1) Mouth (which includes my teeth and smile)
2) Being petite
3) Tanned complexion

Three physical things you don't like about yourself
1) My scar
2) The scar
3) That scar

Three parts of your heritage
1) Burmese
2) Chinese
3) Malaysian

Three things that scare you
1) Ghosts under my bed
2) Ghosts around me
3) Ghosts, ghosts, ghosts

Three drinks (alcoholic or non)
1) Freshly squeezed orange juice
2) Baileys
3) Smoothie

Three of your everyday essentials (besides the common human need)
1) Hair clip
2) Watch
3) Earrings

Three things you are wearing right now
1) Anklet on my left foot
2) Bracelet on my right wrist
3) Night gown

Three of your favourite movies
I don't watch much movies, sorry

Three physical things about the opposite sex that appeal to you
1) Eyes (with well-defined brows)
2) Bum (firm and well-shaped)
3) Palms

Three careers you have considered
1) Nurse
2) Astrologer
3) Sex therapist

Three ways that you are stereotypically a girl
1) The way my body works every month
2) The way I pout
3) The way I twitch my nose in a cutesy way

Five snacks I enjoy
1) Bread with cheese
2) Pretzels - salted or unsalted
3) Crisps of any flavour
4) Popcorn - sweetened or unsweetened
5) Biscuits without cream

Five songs I know all the words to
I've got bad memory, sorry

Five things I would do with 100 million dollars
Can I take this as a rhetorical question?

Five places I would run away to
1) Where there is love
2) Where there is a smile, a warm hug and a big heart to greet me
3) Where there is sun, sand and sea
4) My sanctuary
5) My Million darling

Five things I would never wear
1) Garter belt
2) Corset (well, maybe not yet)
3) Tattoo
4) Body (piercing) rings
5) Paper bag over my head

Five favorite TV shows
I don't watch much movies, sorry

Five bad habits
1) Bite my fingernails
2) Twirl my hair
3) Fidget too much
4) Dream too much
5) Assume too much

Five biggest joys
God is great to have given me too many

Five favourite toys
1) Primpy Junior
2) My mobile phone (which includes my USB bluetooth)
3) My Canon IXUS digital camera
4) My piano
5) My car
*Can someone get me a "Me to You" Tatty Teddy?

Five fictional characters I would date
I'd rather date someone real

People I am tagging to do the THREE and FIVE
Perhaps only Arglene who doesn't mind doing tags :) and Charlene whom I hope, will be updating her blog soon. Feel free to nick the questions off here to let others know more about you.

Hmm, THREE, FIVE and SEVEN. Funny they are all odd numbers, eh? What about NINE? Ah, how about telling me ONE thing you know about me that is not listed in the THREE, FIVE and SEVEN lists...

10 flowers for this post
Not a problem, my PrincEss. A genuine "Me To You" Tatty Teddy (and a couple of other little surprises) will be posted to you before the end of this week.... Belated birthday presents, and just coz you deserve good things for all the good you've always been to me.

I'm a bit worried about your snacks list, though, PrincEss. You're a carbohydrates (starches) addict, without a doubt. The long term health effects of that will catch up on you sooner than you'll want to believe.

You listed "dream too much" as a bad habit. I see it as a virtue. We all need dreams - even PrincEsses need dreams. Without dreams, well.... I'm sure you know.
Friend For Life | 10.10.05 - 10:33 pm | #


yes me! i know it!
whatuduberudu | 11.10.05 - 12:07 am | #


yey, finally you did it! =) it's nice knowing more about you. honestly I wonder if we can chat at YM too... he he

Ei, will work on my 3's and 5's as soon as I can. he he

Have a nice day Frances! =) I think I like it better than Prim! (do you mind if I call you by your real name?)
arglene | 11.10.05 - 10:19 am | #


FFL: Ooo...I'm gonna get a tatty teddy? *jumps jumps* Yay! About dreaming, ok then, continue I will.

Oi whatuduberudu! Secret ok? No need to announce ok?

Hey Arglene! Sure looking forward to reading your 3s and 5s.
Primrose | Homepage | 11.10.05 - 7:50 pm | #


wwoopppss...i was a little worry that you will tag me. hehehe
Patrick Leong | Homepage | 12.10.05 - 1:14 pm | #


Hi Patrick! No lar, I know you lazy to do meme posts liau!
Primrose | Homepage | 13.10.05 - 7:11 pm | #


no tatts and piercings? awwww, you break my modheart... *smiles*

ink and steel rocks my world... *grins*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 13.10.05 - 8:56 pm | #


Aww Seth! I contemplated a nose and/or a belly button pierce before but never dared. Uhmm...change my mind??
Primrose | Homepage | 14.10.05 - 2:02 am | #


Oh, PrincEss. Please, you are already a most wonderful living work of art the way you are. Please don't turn yourself into a graffiti board or a junk yard!
Friend For Life | 14.10.05 - 3:41 am | #


change your mind? hell no... do it if you want to, and if you don't.. just don't *smiles*

but hey, piercings are safe... you can always take it out *winks*

hmmm, never thought of myself as a grafitti board or a junk yard before *ponders*
seth.frostheart | Homepage | 14.10.05 - 1:15 pm | #


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