Thursday, June 09, 2005


We've all heard and even been asked the question - "Are you the kind of person who sees the glass as half empty or half full?"

Now, here is the glass. Share your answer. Is this glass half empty or half full?

To make the question all the more interesting, please don't just say "Half full" or "Half empty". Share with us the reason for your answer.
Half full or half empty?

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I see the glass as my life and it ain't half empty. No, no, ain't half empty. So much more to look forward to. So much more that I can do to fill it up. Half my life had been so colourful it ain't half empty. No, no, it ain't half empty *sing to some rap song*
Primrose | Homepage | 10.06.05 - 12:04 am | #


there is no glass. there is no glass.
minishorts | 11.06.05 - 5:01 pm | #


well i have never actually asked myself that question whether i am the kind of person who sees the glass as half empty (pessimism) or half full (optimism). i just be myself. it is sort of hard to always keep your chin up. sometimes you feel pessimistic - your sixth sense tells you that a bad omen is on the way or something bad is sort of becoming worse. sometimes you lack of confidence. sometimes you feel down. life process - i think it is perfectly normal to think your glass is half empty at times. sometimes we can be weirdly optimistic. perhaps i am a optimistic pessimist - both half empty and half full - blame the brain.
Patrick | Homepage | 11.06.05 - 5:16 pm | #


Some interesting answers thus far...

PrimrosE: This glass, you believe, is you. hmmm... Tall, slim, transparent, one legged, flat-footed and sitting all alone on the shelf?

Minishorts: A very interesting observation - that you see no glass. Do you think it looks like PrimrosE, too?

Patrick: I admire a man who understands and accepts that life is cyclical and has both ups and down. It is a realistic perspective on life in general - but did you really determine that from studying the glass in this photo?

I look forward to reading more answers, and reasons for those answers, to this quiz.
Friend For Life | 11.06.05 - 8:25 pm | #


it's half empty. That's because there are droplets of water on the upper half of the glass ... obviously, half the volume of water has been drained off before the picture was taken...
michaelooi | Homepage | 12.06.05 - 7:21 pm | #


Great work, Michaelooi - Finally there's someone who understands that whether the glass is half full or half empty depends on what is going on with and inside the GLASS, not inside of themself.

If water was still being poured into the glass, then at the current level it would be half full.

Alas, if it isn't being filled, if it is just sitting there slowly evaporating (as it is) so that the level is gradually declining, then the glass is half empty.

It's a simple combination of physics & grammar. It's nothing at all to do with optimism or pessimism.

Good work, Michaelooi. I'm proud of you.
Friend For Life | 14.06.05 - 10:15 am | #


The answer to your question really depends on the time of day.

During happy hours, that glass would be considered as half-empty and needs a top-up. At closing time, that would be a glass that's half-full and needs to be emptied so that we can adjourn for makan.

"Don't over-analyse the glass, to the point that you lose sight of what's inside" - Anon.

tiger | Homepage | 14.06.05 - 5:54 pm | #


Tiger, where do you go to drink that they serve water at happy hour? It sounds like my kind of bar!
Friend For Life | 14.06.05 - 6:00 pm | #


But Baileys is always too little for me in a glass...
Primrose | Homepage | 14.06.05 - 10:38 pm | #


Well then, PrincEss PrimrosE, next time we do dinner, I'll order you a Baileys in a bucket.
Friend For Life | 15.06.05 - 12:12 am | #


water is served at all bars during opening hours :P

but only teetotalers and "designated drivers" know such things *grin*
tiger | Homepage | 15.06.05 - 7:10 pm | #


FFL : Wow, what a great deal of optimism you have there. It's almost as if, you can take humour really well. And your simple minded interpretation of a physical glass really astounds me. Your mom must be proud of you.

michaelooi | Homepage | 15.06.05 - 8:18 pm | #


* very humble look *
Friend For Life | 15.06.05 - 11:50 pm | #


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