Saturday, June 04, 2005

Freebies, anyone?


Another spring cleaning session this morning and I targeted this particular corner of my room which seemed pretty messy. Out came a handful of things that I don't use but own. I would like to give them away to anybody who wishes to have them. These items are NEW and UNUSED. And since they are new, they are in GOOD condition.

Generous Primrose will bear registered postage charges (worldwide) since they are all very light weight and very small. I haven't finished rummaging into the pit but don't fret, I'll post them here if I see anymore coming (and strike off items once they are taken).

Email me and let me know the item/s you wish to have and provide me your mailing address. :)

Click on images for clearer view

A box of BUNCHO OIL PASTELS mini crayons - 6cm x 11cm, 12 colours, small size (6cm per) sticks. Any artist out there?

An ivory boar keychain from South Africa - 6cm x 1cm (at the snout) or 3cm (at the body). Err, ivory (endangered species) collectors, anyone?

Light brown case from Thailand - 20cm x 9.5cm, made of cotton (or is it linen), sponge-padded, can be pencil/make-up case

An (Clinique) orange coin purse - 10cm x 7cm x 4cm, made of PVC with zip and a keychain attached

A (Biotherm) light blue carry bag - slightly larger than A4 size at 8cm wide, made of PVC with 2 internal buttons and a zip pocket

I really don't know what this is for but it came in a (SK-II) bath kit. It has to be a dry brush for dead skin before shower - 9.5cm x 3.5cm, soft bristles, smooth polished wood. Ladies out there should know it

A (SK-II) hand mitt with loofah on one side and sponge cloth on the other. To state the obvious, it's for use in the shower

A (SK-II) body back mitt 76cm x 8cm with loofah in the middle section. For those who can't reach their backs to scrub

Silver-plated 44cm necklace with a genuine pink pearl in a 3-dimensional heart-shaped (unlockable) locket. Tiny trinkets (apart from pearl) changeable as long as they can fit into locket. Lilac velvet pouch included

Hehe! Is this post good enough to be on eBay?

10 flowers for this post
So generous..! unfortunately .. i have no need of any .. thank you anyhow..
MrsT | 06.06.05 - 9:58 am | #


actually i love to have the crayons because i like drawing. but ...

how is your mood ? :) or :(
Patrick | Homepage | 06.06.05 - 11:11 am | #


Aww MrsT...

Hi Patrick, suprisingly, I have got 3 requests for the crayons. I'm surprised. I thought crayons were meant for kids. Mood is so-so though not prancing away jolly. Thanks for asking.
Primrose | Homepage | 06.06.05 - 3:31 pm | #


the so-so mood is quite contagious. it struck kyoto. :o) my mood is also so-so since over the weekend. what do you mean by 'though not prancing away jolly' i need a change in environment. i am moving to a new lab next month. and looking for a new apartment.
Patrick | Homepage | 06.06.05 - 3:42 pm | #


check some of the paintings i did while in japan. painting.html
Patrick | Homepage | 06.06.05 - 3:44 pm | #


do you happen to have a skull shaped 512 USB memory key ?
michaelooi | Homepage | 07.06.05 - 6:07 pm | #


michael: u think what she got garage sale ah? LOL

but really, primrose dear, very good of you ler to give away your stuff..some more bear costs??? wah.... respecto..
cyber-red | Homepage | 08.06.05 - 1:24 am | #


You're too generous.
Yuen Li | Homepage | 08.06.05 - 6:25 am | #


Hi Patrick, how's the apartment search coming? How's the so-so mood now? I have seen the paintings in your blog when I started reading your weblog. I loved the sunflowers the best too!

Aiyah michael, it's either the skull or the memory key - in which both are not available leh! :p

Hi Reta and Yuen Li! *sigh* I guess that's what depression does to me. Turn my bedroom upside down and get generous.
Primrose | Homepage | 08.06.05 - 12:30 pm | #


apartment .. yea .. i found one. quite like it. will go and look at the place again this weekend. so-so mood ok liao. and you ?
Patrick | Homepage | 08.06.05 - 4:46 pm | #


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