Sunday, May 08, 2005

Lizard omens

Ewww! I would be terrified if they were found within a few centimetres from me but I was reading the papers this morning and read that lizards are regarded as good omens. Let me quote you a few:

If a lizard falls off a wall, ceiling, beam etc and lands on the property owner's body on a Monday or Tuesday, there will be good news within nine months; if it happens on Wednesday or Thursday, it will take a month; on Friday, two weeks; and on Saturday or Sunday, a year (Trying for a baby? Get jinxed by precariously placing a lizard on the ceiling, stand under it and make sure it's a Monday or a Tuesday!)

If a lizard falls onto the head, right arm, thighs or waist means gaining wealth somehow (Oh excuse me but if that ever happens, you think I'll let it linger long enough to think "oh, is that my right or left arm, right or left thigh, wait, wait, that's not the waist, that's the belly button"? Gee!)

If a lizard falls onto the forehead, it indicates the likelihood of meeting an important person (Yeah, and if it ejaculates from an orgasm at the warmth of your skin, you might need a doc. Important person indeed! Then again, who would allow a lizard to fall onto the forehead? Isk!)

If a lizard falls onto food while it's being eaten indicates prosperity (Sure thing! It's prosperity in the toilet but don't tell me you would continue eating your food anyway?)

It is inauspicious if a lizard cries or sneezes inside a house (Now, now, now! Can someone please tell me if they have ever HEARD a lizard, goodness gracious, cry or sneeze?)

Then again, I have a confession.

About a week ago, while I was clearing stuff from my table, something fell onto my head in a soft thud. Eww, what’s that, what's that?! I gave a little wimpish scream, swerved my head frantically back and forth and sideways like a mad rocker trying to shake off that "thing" on my head, fingers whisking through my mane hoping that I won't touch some disgusting "thing" and suddenly ... *thud* a darkish, freckled, hairless and rubbery little disgusting lizaaaaaaaaaarrddd with bulging eyes and a short tail fell onto my table and slithered away into some dark crevice of some corners. Eeek!

Fell onto my head, eh? Ahh yes, and then, it was payday...

Fell from the ceiling, eh? Must have been a Friday because my dear bloggies, I'll be on hiatus for a full week tomorrow onwards. Again? Yes, again. Must have more lizards around the house now. Heh!

Will story you with pics when I return. Am off to the land of mystic!

*gives a little cute grin*
*gives a little skip*
*gives a little wave*

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Have a great vacation .. Frances..
As for the lizard.. ahhh..! no amt of good luck will make me wanna go near a lizard.. ! i hate lizards..!! slimey looking rubbery thing..!
MrsT | 08.05.05 - 4:01 pm | #


Thanks MrsT. Nope, I won't get near a lizard either. It's already gross enough to have to clean whatever dried up s*** they leave in their trails. Ee-yucks!
Primrose | Homepage | 08.05.05 - 4:22 pm | #


Ah, Lizards - good quality, low cholesterol lean protein, a delicacy enjoyed by indigenous tribespeople throughout the world.
Friend For Life | 09.05.05 - 9:50 am | #


yes. once a lizard fell on my thigh. it was disgusting. but that was many many many years ago.
Patrick | Homepage | 09.05.05 - 12:58 pm | #


Eek! FFL! Would you eat a lizard? Ee-yucks!

Fell on your thighs, Patrick? Did you strike lottery that year?
Primrose | Homepage | 17.05.05 - 8:05 pm | #



Anonymous said...

what happens when lizard falls on your chest from ceiling ( today is Monday)?

Primrose said...

Hmmm...good news in 9 months (chest is owner's body)? :)