Friday, April 15, 2005

PrincEss that is PrimrosE

With a golden heart,
Eyes that sparkle
And a smile that brightens even the darkest day.

She's a lady of class,
True Elegance
With character, virtue and integrity beyond question.

Her words are encouraging,
Supportive, compassionate, uplifting
Never failing to be the strength only a true friend can be.

She's a font of wisdom,
Exudes the purest of love
And is the nearest lady to a Goddess that I'll ever know.

Humility is her hallmark
Adventure is her forte
She perfectly blends fun and excitement with compassion and conscience.

Yet there remains one question
Whose answer I cannot fathom:
How did God fit so much PrincEss into such a petite package?

(Thank you, PrincEss, for the honour of inviting me to be a Guest Contributor to your blog.)

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Welcome-on-blog, Friend for Life from across the miles. Thank you for such uplifting words.

Hi bloggies, be prepared to be reading more from my fellow guest blogger here when I'm not around.
Primrose | Homepage | 15.04.05 - 6:54 pm | #


Wow..!! that's very nice. .
MrsT | 15.04.05 - 9:27 pm | #


PrimrosE - You are most welcome. Every word is true, yet cannot even begin to express the fullness of the truth.

MrsT - It's a mere reflection of the niceness of our resident PrincEss. Thank you for appreciating the words.
Friend_For_Life | 16.04.05 - 6:28 pm | #


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