Saturday, April 16, 2005


I never needed many spare cell phone batteries before but lately, I find myself burning them pretty quickly. I had an original and err, a non-original spare. Ok, ok, I don't support immitations but well, they cost a third of the price. So... Ask any Malaysians and they'll tell you about pirated VCDs, pirated DVDs, fake designer labels, fake this, fake that.

Anyway, back to my batteries. Just last week, the original flatted out and refused to charge. Went shopping for another non-original and chucked the bloated decayed.

It's only been 3 days since I used the new non-original and I noticed how it dies off in less than 2 days. Originals used to last 3 days and that included lots of chat time.

I began to wonder.

1) Could it be my charger? But it charges everytime
2) Could it be my phone? Couldn't be, no!
3) Have I been chatting more? Definitely not
4) Have I been texting more? Hmm, yes but texting doesn't take as much battery life as chatting
5) Could it have been it being a non-original? Ah huh! Culprit!

I began to wonder next.

1) Should I get a new original battery? *doubtful look*
2) Don't bother, just get a new cell phone? *eyes gleaming with eagerness*
3) If both options don't work, should I text less? *pout, pout*

And hence began the life of a feckless piece of junk non-original cell phone battery.

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"Feck"? Are you a fan of the sitcom "Father Ted"?
Yuen Li | Homepage | 17.04.05 - 5:54 am | #


Hi Yuen Li! Err..don't know of that sitcom-lah. Why? Was he known as Father Feck? *giggle*
Primrose | Homepage | 17.04.05 - 10:57 am | #


A new phone is prolly the best way to go.. i had the same problem too.. but buying the battery.. is so ex.. might as well get a new phone.
MrsT | 17.04.05 - 2:03 pm | #


I have been having the same problem with my s definitely the texting that takes up battery.
Shameless | 21.04.05 - 4:09 am | #


MrsT: *pout pout* But a new phone costs like ??? so much more!

Shameless: *pout even more* I live on text messages. Teehee! Anyway, thanks for dropping by.
Primrose | Homepage | 22.04.05 - 9:09 am | #


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