Monday, March 28, 2005

Firm on ground

After two weeks of solid hectic travelling, working, standing, talking and eating, I'm back on ground. Missed me, anyone? Teehee!

The Expo’s Tour of Malaysia kicked off with the northern region, also my hometown Penang where I stuffed myself silly with food, food, glorious food!! Then I returned to Kuala Lumpur to a successful Welcome Reception at the top of the KL Tower and a tiring weekend - my poor feet! Thank goodness for the existence of foot reflexology. With barely enough time to rest, we continued on with the tour to beautiful East Malaysia, Kuching Sarawak where I also caught my fever, cold and cough from working late nights and showering at the wee hours in the morning and ended the last leg of the expo at the Land Below the Wind, Kota Kinabalu Sabah.

Meanwhile, my to-do list is piling:
Buy a cable for my digital camera or else ... no pictures. Poor bloggies!
Fill out my claim forms or else ... no money. Heh!
Relax with a full body massage - aahh!
Get a medical check-up before the end of the month - eek! No time!
Fill out my income tax form before end of April - thanks for the reminder!
Get a facial - bleh!
Iron my dress for a wedding dinner this weekend
Yes, buy that darn cable tonight!!


Bought the darn camera card reader at last!

I present ... the Expo's Tour of Malaysia pictures I promised:
Kuala Lumpur
Kuching, Sarawak
Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

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Welcome home, PrincEss Primrose !

Yes, dear PrincEss, I for one have missed you greatly. More than my mere words can express. You've been in my thoughts every day.

I'm sorry to hear about your cold. I wish you a speedy full recovery. Eat plenty of garlic, echinacea, Vit C, and Zinc - and have a few early nights and extended sleeps to boost your immune system and expedite your recovery.

Glad to have you back, PrincEss. Life is just not the same when you are away.
Friend For Life | 28.03.05 - 9:33 pm | #


*stomach growling*

wink wink ...
michaelooi | 28.03.05 - 9:58 pm | #


Hey Primrose: Welcome back! The pics from Kuching looked great. Miss Kuching so much, life's so relaxing there.

PS: The F50 is not a good plane to ride on, i call it the "Vomit on Wings"

Musca Domestica | Homepage | 29.03.05 - 9:37 am | #


Nice pics .. Frances..
MrsT | 29.03.05 - 10:38 am | #


Friend for Life: I had my supplements alright and now, waiting for the cough to go. *cough cough*

michaelooi: Wa chia lu chiak min kia. *wink wink*

Hello Nick, Vomit on Wings...hahaha! It was a horrible flight on that Fokker (say that word again).

Thanks, MrsT.
Primrose | Homepage | 29.03.05 - 11:04 am | #


I did miss you too.. Frances.. Hope you are getting better..???
MrsT | 29.03.05 - 11:46 pm | #

Thanks, MrsT. I'm fine and dandy now. *yipee*
Primrose | Homepage | 30.03.05 - 5:44 pm | #


Hey Primroses

Sorry to hear you were ill in Kuching. Hope everyone looked after you.

You must be wondering who this is - remember our conversation at PWTC....the malaysian mancunian who reads your blog! Yeahhh you know who....:-P

Am in Taiwan now enroute back home.
Mancunian | 31.03.05 - 11:57 pm | #


Hello Mancunian! Surprise, surprise!! For a while there, I was raking my brains trying to remember. Thanks for dropping by my blogsite. I hope to read more from you.
Primrose | Homepage | 04.04.05 - 3:29 am | #


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