Sunday, March 27, 2005

Expo tour in Kota Kinabalu

24 March 2005

A flight to Kota Kinabalu from Kuching - View of the propellers from the Fokker 50. The Fokker was noisy, stuffy and it made me sick

Hot, sunny day - another plane in sight

The hotel room at the Shangri-la's Tanjung Aru Resort

Very comfortable

26 March 2005

Dinner with the travelling team - Philo, Subra, Francine, Susana, Me & Edwin

27 March 2005

A trip to the Filipino market - an array of craft goods and mostly crystals and pearls. It may seem the same but I found that every shop was unique in the things they sold

Lemonade uniquely served at the Little Italy

Smoked salmon bruschetta

Our large pizza - yum! "You look like the Japanese snapping pictures of the food they eat", said Francine *laugh*

That's us

Last click of the camera before we catch separate flights home

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Your room has been "turndowned" European style i.e. with a cotton "mat" next to your bed,for you to step on when you get up in the morning.

Any picture of the bathroom ?
Travel Lurker | 29.03.05 - 9:28 am | #


Travel Lurker: Yup, cotton 'mat' there was. The bathroom was so full of mirrors, whichever corner I stood, there was a reflection of me. So... *sigh* no pics of the beautiful and SURREAL bathroom.
Primrose | Homepage | 29.03.05 - 11:12 am | #


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