Thursday, February 24, 2005

Why I call it

This blog is dedicated to her who was unfairly treated by him.

Why would he want to write and tell her of his fullfilling, erotic, sensual and explosive wet dreams?
I call it lust or confessions of horniness

Why then did the candidness in communication turn narrow?
I call it a weak mind or being shallow

Why would he be so ultra sweet on Valentine's Day and leave her stranded the next day?
I call it the art of fishing or the art of cheating

Why would he only want to make a big deal out of Valentine's Day when there could be a whole year or the rest of his life to extol and glorify his girl?
I call it pure pretentiousness

Why would he want to ask for her permission to watch a movie with a different girl, when there was no relationship whatsoever with her in the first place, hence no need for such actions?
I call it desperate or forcing feelings or hard up to be bound

Why did he make vows for feelings not to return when his feelings were non-existent?
I call it an insensitive poop

Why was it that he seemed to act like he had been with her for 5 years when in actual fact, only a month?
I call it confusion between friendship and courtship

Why does he seem to think that becoming a SOMEBODY from a NOBODY can be achieved within one month?
I call it stump immaturity

Why would his love for her leave his soul as quick as lightning and then, fell deeply in love with another within one day?
I call it superficial love as he didn't qualify to be a casanova

Why would he proclaim his love as high as mountains and as deep as the seas to a girl of 2 weeks?
I call it childish infatuation

Why then would he project himself as sincere when he was, in actual fact, not?
I call it a wolf under sheep skin

Why would he ask her to grow up when he, at his late thirties had a mind of a child's?
I call it lack of intelligence

Why would he ask her to change her ways when he was full of faults?
I call it pot calling the kettle black

Why would he question the queen of hearts on whether she knew the rules of dating?
I call it naiveté and inexperienced

Why did he think that he was the best catch she could get and that it was her loss?
I call it inferiority complex

Why did he claim that his intentions weren't to hurt but did what he did to her?
I call it spitefulness

Why would he immitate her style of writing in his email?
I call that plagarism which is the best form of flattery or simply non-creativity

Why did that email contain forward indents?
I call it the cut-and-paste technique or the cock-and-bull story, obviously not his own

Why would he make reference to God but did no kind deeds?
I call it hypocrisy

Why must he hide behind an email when he could face her in daylight?
I call it the act of a coward

Why did he initiate the friendship when there was no intentions to pursue further nor keep it?
I call it the act of preying

Glorious PrincEss, angelic PrimroSe,
PrincEss glorieux, primevère angélique,

Vow to be a candle giving light to others
Vow to be an artist's brush adding to the world's beauty
Vow to be a streetlight showing the way
Vow to be a tree offering its branches for shade to passersby
Vow to be a book of truth and wisdom
Vow to be the earth that nurtures plants and cradles sentient beings
Vow to be a flower bearing fragrance
Vow to be a breeze bringing comfort
Vow to be a cloud bringing coolness
Vow to be a rainbow bearing beauty
Vow to be the full moon shedding light
Vow to be the winter sun shedding warmth

With love.
Avec amour.

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Your comment here, dEar PrincEss, is closely related to your earlier blog post about "Feelings". In the comments, you questioned whether all men were just the same....

Alas, in this new post, your pain is evident and very understandable. Thank you for having the courage to share your heart with us. Even in anguish, your inner beauty shines.

PrincEss, I must assure you that men are NOT all the same....

...some are even *worse* than others.
Friend For Life | 24.02.05 - 11:22 pm | #


I think that you are amazing. You have such depth. And to display it so openly. I applaud you.
theoneandonlynat | Homepage | 25.02.05 - 12:51 am | #


Friend for Life: Yes, the injustice upon her was evident. Let's hope she reads your comment here.

theoneandonlynat: *bow, bow* Thanks for dropping by.
Primrose | Homepage | 25.02.05 - 4:26 pm | #


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