Friday, February 04, 2005

Racing Stripes

Is that an intransitive verb, racing Stripes - as in to compete in a race or is that a transitive verb, racing Stripes - as in to engage in a race with or is that a noun, Racing Stripes - as in the act of running / simply a name or is that … err … bleh! I’m getting stripy already!

Yup, was at GSC (that’s the cinema), Times Square yesterday with FP watching that animal-talking movie (think Bug’s Life, Babe and Nemo) about a zebra who thinks himself as a race horse. It's a pleasant enough little movie, occasionally witty but mostly average. The two flies in the movie were hilarious whose sole purpose is to be disgusting. They love poop and made fart bubbles in someone's coffee. And it’s so ironic. I was just having a conversation with FP before the movie about fart – be it a verb or a noun.

One thing’s missing amidst all those laughs and giggles though. Spectators. The cinema is new. I can still smell the whiff of new paint. It’s huge.

*teeth chattering*

Primrose: It is frig-g-g-g-g-gin’ c-c-c-c-old
FP: Yeah and my hands need your corduroy

*teeth still chattering*

Primrose: Th-th-there’s not enough s-s-s-souls in here to ab-*shiver shiver*-sorb the air c-c-c-conditioning here
FP: *laugh, laugh*

Number of viewers? Eleven!

Dang, GSC must have been running at a loss yesterday evening for selling only eleven ticket stubs!

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Imax is also at Times right?

BTW, Steph and I enjoyed your company very much. WE very much like to think you're the sweetest thing on earth with extra icing on the top =)
Reta | Homepage | 05.02.05 - 10:43 pm | #


I wholeheartedly agree with Reta - and that extra icing is PrincEss's compassion, understanding and acceptance when a person is down and really needs someone. After all these years, PrincEss PrimrosE has never let me down. No-one is perfect, but no-one comes closer than you, PrincEss.
Friend For Life | 06.02.05 - 9:26 am | #


Love new cinemas.. not many ppl.. and not too dirty...!!
MrsT | 06.02.05 - 12:24 pm | #


Reta: Yes, IMAX is there too! *blush blush* sweet! I enjoyed your company and Steph's just as much too. Hope to meet up again soon...

Friend for Life: Aww!

MrsT: And very c-c-c-cold!!
Primrose | Homepage | 07.02.05 - 3:09 pm | #


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