Wednesday, February 16, 2005


... are very complicated. It creates guilt. It creates anger. It creates disappointment. It cuts. It hurts. Yet, it inspires. It gives me a sense of achievement. A sense of joy. A sense of pride. A sense of love. Then, it plunges into bleak nothingness. Emptiness. Void. Darkness. Very complicated.

Feelings are my emotional walls. I can't have it stripped down completely because it took me long enough to build it up. And when I thought it was safe enough to open up, it clamps shut almost immediately. It protects (against shame). It shields (against pain). It guards (against harm). It feeds (the soul). It cures (the heart). Very complicated.

Do I dare trust (again)? Do I dare cope (again)? Do I dare love (again)? Do I dare feel (again)? Oh, do I dare? Unresolved feelings. Repressed feelings.

Feelings ... are very complicated indeed.

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Well there is a phrase of once bitten twice shy.....but my dear, do open your eyes, ears & heart. Give others & yourself a chance of a wonderful life together. Who knows your Mr Right is just.........
Peter | 16.02.05 - 8:03 am | #


We build emotional force fields to keep ourselves from being hurt but it sometimes only serves to keep people from reaching to you or vice versa.

The hurt is still there, the stain that will remain there, no matter how many layers of walls you erect.

I've finally allowed myself to drop some of my walls of late, the stain is there but at least i'm still strong and willing.

Take care dear, hope to see you at the FACON fair.

Nicholas | Homepage | 16.02.05 - 8:44 am | #


Peter: Mr Right is just what?

Nick: Stay strong and willing. See you at Facon.
Primrose | Homepage | 16.02.05 - 5:30 pm | #


Primrose: I always do. You hang in there too!

PS: Care for lunch at FACON this weekend?
Nicholas Chan | Homepage | 17.02.05 - 12:10 am | #


Feeling is a complicated thing that rules us in many ways either in good or bad. I always take it as a gift even though sometime I have miserable situation. I think this is the way the LORD teach me the truth of a life. So please don't afraid to give yourself and others a chance to enjoy it..
Choo | 17.02.05 - 12:11 am | #


*sings* Feeeeeeelings! Wo wo wo, feeeeeeeeelings!
Yuen Li | Homepage | 17.02.05 - 9:09 pm | #


Nick: You bet! I'll come looking for you!

Choo: I'm not afraid. I'm just beginning to think if all men are the same - with a pinch of skepticism!

Yuen Li: LOL! Ooooo, you can sing!!
Primrose | Homepage | 17.02.05 - 9:52 pm | #


I see.. I got it.. But anyhow I believe everyone is unique even many of us have common thinking or whatever. right?
Choo | 17.02.05 - 10:27 pm | #


Oh no, my dear PrincEss PrimrosE, not all men are the same. Take me, for example. (Fatter and balder than most.)

You referred several times to feelings as being an "it". Instead, think of feelings as a "they". Not all feeling stem from the same place.

Think of your feelings like a Sizzlers buffet. Plenty of variety. Some tasty but unhealthy. Some disgusting but full of goodness.

There are, of course, some distinct differences between the full range of human feelings/emotions and a buffet. It is easy enough to walk away from a buffet. A buffet will also be much cheaper in more ways than one. A buffet offers you choice without compulsion - unlike many human feelings.

All too often, self-help "gurus" will sprout philosophies about choosing your feelings, or about "thinking positively" and other such notions of utter clap-trap. As much as it may appeal to our egos to think that we can control our own destinies, our ability to do so is far more limited than we dare to ad
Friend For Life | 18.02.05 - 4:22 pm | #


hmmm.... my message was truncated due to length.

Part 2:

As much as it may appeal to our egos to think that we can control our own destinies, our ability to do so is far more limited than we dare to admit to ourselves.

We can "fake it", but the truth will continue to brew and be bottled up inside until it eventually explodes.

Twins, for example, can be raised in the same house, same age, same parents, same environment, same education, same everything. One may still, right from the time of birth, be introverted and the other extroverted. One may be an eternal optimist, the other a pessimist.

Biology, or even the spiritual gifts of God, dictate many of our feelings and emotions and choices in life.

Women are best known for hormonal factors influencing feelings, well beyond their level of willpower.

The only reason women are well known for it is because they are more honest about their feelings than most men.

Men, too, have hormonal and neurotransmitter dictated
Friend For Life | 18.02.05 - 4:24 pm | #


Truncated again....

Now Part 3:

Men, too, have hormonal and neurotransmitter dictated emotions and feelings.

In this modern era, drug companies haver invented a whole range of drugs to control our feelings. In the minds of some medical entrepreneurs, there is an "ideal" state of mind to which we should all be conformed.

Once upon a time, kids were precocious. Now, they have ADHD and must be medicated.

Once upon a time, an adult could be described as having a melancholic personality. Today, they are depressedc must be medicated.

Feelings. Learn to know them. Learn to live with them. Learn to manage life with them, for it is they that make you truly you.

Who else is to say which feelings are right or wrong to have? Some doctor with a prescription pad?

It may not always be right to *ACT* on your feelings, but your feelings are there to help you think things through. Feelings are what separate the philosopher from the moron.
Friend For Life | 18.02.05 - 4:26 pm | #


Hummm..... I must be alot more long-winded than I thought....

Part 4:

Learn to love your feeling. They are, after all, what make you, truly you.
Friend For Life | 18.02.05 - 4:27 pm | #


never try never know.
michaelooi | Homepage | 18.02.05 - 5:14 pm | #


Yeah time heals as they say... you're just a little jaded, it'll pass
Owzy-O! | Homepage | 20.02.05 - 5:10 pm | #


Choo: Everyone's unique, I agree.

Friend for Life: Whoa! Now that's a long one. I love my feelings - that's why I am me.

michaelooi: Yea, yea, gotta try soon. :p

Owzy-O: Still waiting for it to pass. Thanks for dropping by.
Primrose | Homepage | 22.02.05 - 2:55 pm | #


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