Friday, January 28, 2005

Weird not, kid not

Nothing significant happened since I last wrote. Okay, maybe there were a couple of things worth blogging but either they were too personal or I was just plain lazy or I'll blog about them much later -- except for Moody. As much as I would like to discuss Moody with somebody else at work, alas, I don't think I can or else it would be deemed a gossip, something I don't normally practise at work.

I was away from the office for a few days last week and was back at work just 3 days ago. And since then, I noticed that MoodyWeirdo has been avoiding eye contact with me, not so much of a single word from her. I mean, words are already so scarce from her as though there's gold in her mouth and I couldn't have cared any less since she comes across as weird anyway and I would have been really happy to keep things that way, in fact - BUT unfortunately, that is certainly not encouraged at work to be able to work! Ok, maybe it wasn't so much of an obligation on my side but if there're no efforts made to initiate conversations, then, I'm not going to attempt anymore small talks just to be rewarded with one-worded answers and no eye contact. How impersonal can that be!

I have this strangest feeling that sensitive little she might have pounced upon my previous entry. Then again, it is hard to determine how discreet this blog has been since it's available on netspace and since people are known to be real snoops around here.


Well, just be reminded that this is MY blog and it expresses how I feel and it speaks MY mind and even if you chanced upon any of my posts in MY blog, it isn't your farking business, really. You can well read this, reflect upon your own character / behaviour, be thankful there's feedback and do something about it OR you can well just read it, fume up and simply shut the fark up OR you can continue to ignore because that's what you have been doing everyday anyway.

And if you are reading this, I'm sorry I have to be / am this blunt and tactless. Then again, I was never known for being un-blunt and tactful anyway. I do respect you for your age and wisdom but for a Masters Degree holder, I think I will have to agree with chiki that you failed kindergarten. Simple rules of thumb for being friendly, being able to communicate and being able to bring up a smile just simply didn't register. I mean, you smiled at that delivery boy just the other day when he came to deliver some stuff for you. You smiled at that good-looking enquirer (oh well, who wouldn't). You smiled at the gwailo enquirers but heck, no smiles for colleagues. I was just observing from afar when I realised that you can actually be quite transformed and attractive if you would just smile but heh! You just spoilt it with whatever attitude you have at the moment.

Ed, a regular visitor in the evenings, came over to me one day when I was on evening duty and commented "eh, your other colleague ah, she's so grumpy one. I walked in smiling but after seeing her seated at your place ah, I actually frowned. Serious, you know." And chiki who occasionally comes to visit at lunch times said to me "what's wrong with your colleague? People see her also want to run away."

*shrug again*

Composing this post just irks me. If you'll excuse me, I think I will go paint my toe nails now to cheer myself.


[Updated by Primrose - 31/01/05]
Ok, she initiated a short conversation with me this morning and happened to tell me about a problem relating to her best friend which she is currently facing at the moment. Ahh, no wonder she was how she was ... and then there was light! Perhaps I have misunderstood her...

But please forgive me,
Shocked and surprised I may be,
With that change in behaviour she,
But feelings will still be feelings
Thoughts will remain thoughts
Things were blogged off the cuff
At that point, mind in half
Damage done, leave it be
Observations - improve thee
Weird not she, kid not me!


[Updated by Primrose - date unknown]
Then again, being weird, she cares too much of how people think of her, breeds revenge behind silence and acts goody-two-shoes. Indeed, kid not me!

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michaelooi: Little me thought it was cool to act bravado ma. Now too late lor. Still, I couldn't care less.

MrsT: Yeah, bark at her. Heh, heh!
Primrose | Homepage | 30.01.05 - 10:48 pm | #


you know, it is good sometimes to remain anonymous on the net ...
so that you can post stuffs freely ..

nehmind, if weirdo refuse to talk to you ... I will. ahaks...
michaelooi | 30.01.05 - 11:06 am | #


I've got an ex-employee who is this way too.. and now she is a customer at our store STILL..!! I'm about to tell her to visit Movie Gallery for her movie and game needs very soon.
Just the sight of her irritates me..!!
MrsT | 30.01.05 - 12:27 am | #


Friend for Life: *giggle* Hmm, ok. Shall "bark" when I'm in a mild mood. :p

Yuen Li: I liked that bit too! :p
Primrose | Homepage | 29.01.05 - 11:16 am | #


Hahaha! I liked that bit about failing kindergarten. And Friend For Life's little joke too.
Yuen Li | Homepage | 29.01.05 - 7:25 am | #


PrincEss, you've spelled "farking" wrong.

It starts with a B, not an F.
Friend For Life | 29.01.05 - 5:20 am | #


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