Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Daily remnants

I have so much running in my head...yet, nothing is worth posting. Just bits and pieces of it.

It all started yesterday when chiki told me something about the super glue. Yeah, what about the super glue? I have some Elephant Glue in my fridge if you want it. No-lah, he said. Apparently, "Super Glue" was a metaphor for him to "glue" his girlfriend to him when he finds one. And the best part of the conversation? A solvent! Make sure you have a solvent in case you need to use it, he seriously added. Silly!

And then, I met ML on MSN chat and he asked me about the colour blue and what it means. What do you mean by what it means. Did you want to know what blue means on clothes (masculine or firm, perhaps)? Or what blue means on flowers (imagination or lasts forever, perhaps)? Or what blue means on make-up (icy cold, perhaps)? Or what blue means on feelings (gloom)? Or what blue means on nature (clear or bright, perhaps)? Or what blue means on sweets (mint)? What?
ML wrote: Blue=lesbian or gay?
Primrose wrote: Wow, I really don't know that
ML wrote: Blue=sad/depressed
Primrose wrote: Swatasaid!

I am off-duty this morning when someone who is on phone-duty today keeps popping by my desk, asking me for answers to enquiries. Hello!! I'm off-duty. If I were to answer your queries, I might as well be on phone-duty today. Silly questions I tell you.
Question 1
C: Err, this person wants to know if London City College is recognised in the UK.
Me: You mean City of London College? Yes, it is.
D-U-H!! Check the directory!
Question 2
C: Err, this person wants to know that if she studies monastery, can she teach in the UK?
Me: Monastery to be a monk or Montessori to teach little kids?
C: Oh, don't know. Whatever. Can she teach?
Me: I think you will have to tell me whether she wants to study Monastery or Montessori before I can tell you more.
D-U-H!! Common sense to get your question right before asking!
Question 3
C: Err, this person wants to know when the winter breaks and the summer breaks are in the UK?
D-U-H!! You mean you don't know?
Question 4
C: Err, this person wants to know when a student finishes his studies if he starts in September?
Me: Calculate an Undergraduate at 9 months for a year. Postgraduates, 12 months.
Colleague: So what month is that?
D-U-H!! Do you want to use my fingers and toes to count?

And as lunch time approached today, my mind told me that I was hungry though my tummy protested and my feet brought me to the convenience store behind my office and my hands grabbed a pack of cream crackers and back at work, I absent-mindedly just made myself a glass of decaf Nescafe and started dipping the crackers in. Hey! They were oil-less! Brand: Danone Tiger. And just this morning, I asked my mum if she could buy me some oil-less cream crackers. The usual Hup Seng brand was real oily and when I dip them into my hot drink, it disgusts me to see that layer of oil on top. My mum mumbled something like getting some for me from the market, has no brand and goes by grams. *shrug* Fine by me. Either way, I found Danone Tiger.

Trumpet, who irritated me next was just so loud on the phone speaking in Chinese about eating "tong yuen". Ah, as ignorant a Chinese as I am, today is the Winter Solstice Festival or "dong zhi" where one normally eats those little colourful glutinous balls in syrup water known as "tong yuen" to celebrate. Apparently it signifies that a person grows another year older when one eats it (yeah, so if I don't eat it every year, do I remain 18?).

And just a moment ago, ML called me on the phone and was exceptionally nice to me. Ah, udang disebalik batu ni (with a purpose). *snigger* He didn't know how to cut-and-paste. And would like to know how. Bah humbug! Stewpid!

It's just so quiet around here. Everybody's on leave and here I am putting up with jesters of the court. Pooh!

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Some guys uses super glue out of desperation because they are never lucky with girls!!! However if a mistake was made the solvent comes in handy. Agree??
Peter | Email | 22.12.04 - 4:22 pm


i've days like tat too..
MrsT | Email | 22.12.04 - 1:50 pm


Elton John once wrote a song about you...

When your day gets too quiet, sit back. Relax. And imagine me singing his song to you.

Friend For Life | 21.12.04 - 6:33 pm


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