Thursday, November 25, 2004

In glee

Ah, ready at last!

My triangular gold bangle is ready for collection. And I went all the way to collect it, 15 minutes before they close for the day.

What's the rush? Well, gold price has been volatile these few weeks, thanks to Bush. It's been going higher and higher by the day. I'd better decide to pay today than to wait another week or else I would be paying way too much for an eleven-gram item.

Oooo...but yes, great workmanship. Fast delivery (less than 2 weeks). Made to required specs. Polished finish.

*gives a little dance*
*hums a catchy tune*

La la la la la!

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She is a true lady in the most special sense of the word, and a PrincEss that I have known and trusted and appreciated and respected and loved for many years.

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Friend For Life | 26.11.04 - 1:28 pm


Looks like some DOM's ego has been pricked. Resorting to name calling without any intellectual content is indeed the hallmark of the lowest form of life.

Primrose, I sincerely take pity on you that you are acquainted with this lowest form of life eventhough its just a "casual acquaintance".
Travel Lurker | 26.11.04 - 12:53 pm


Great taste in jewelery. But wonder if an anal-retentive cerebral piece like Travel Lurker would be able to appreciate this piece.
Nelson | 26.11.04 - 9:19 am


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