Wednesday, November 24, 2004


I'm hungry, am having a headache, am having a backache, can barely keep my eyes open and I desperately need a massage. Urghh! Too many late nights - not clubbing, unfortunately.

I have been wanting to write a post on that wedding last Sunday (where I was the MC, remember?) but I'm just too lazy. Please someone, kick my butt! *ouch*

Will post pictures once I get it uploaded, ok? Pictures speak a thousand words.

I can't wait to go on leave. I shall be off from work sporadically the rest of this month and next. Yay!!

Oh, and I'm thrilled to bits! Someone across the miles picked a book from my Amazon wishlist and the parcel arrived yesterday: 227 Ways to Unleash the Sex Goddess Within! Thank you, thank you! *hugs*
A word of advice was given: Use it with care.

Random observation: Have been extremely forgetful these days. Just yesterday night, a friend told me to get less massages. I gave a flustered reply and asked why. "Too relaxed, you forget things!" *laugh*

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Dear Nelson & Travel lurker

Pls don't turn Princess's site into a war zone. Be nice ya.

Peter | Email | 26.11.04 - 11:39 am


Dear Nellie,

Poor,poor soul ! Is this the best you could respond ??

Do I know you ? I dont see the relevance here but I dont think I will lower my dignity to be acquainted with some low-life.

Do you know me ? Probably yes, since you seem to be deperately looking around for declarations that you are more than a "casual aquaintance"

Save yourself from further embarassment Nellie. You try very hard to sound learned and knowledgeable but apparently you are not. Remember "Jim Thompson" and long-tail "coats" in weddings ? Its a small world here, who knows who will be the next person to read this; your wife,your children or worse your boss.
Travel Lurker | 26.11.04 - 10:14 am


Travel Lurker,

Do I know you? Do you know me? You must be in dire need a reversed lobotomy.

Nelson | 26.11.04 - 9:01 am


Dear Nellie,

Shame on you !

You must be a frustrated old man full of self-pity. Whether one looks upon you as an acquaintance or best friend is one's own perogative. To seek a declaration (which you failed miserably here) that you are more than a "casual acquaintance" is just downright disgusting !

If you suffer from the DOM (Dirty Old Man) symdrome , let me give you a good advice. Get a mistress ! It will only cost you RM5-10K each month. Can't afford it ? Then be a Gentleman instead of a DOM !
Travel Lurker | 25.11.04 - 11:45 pm


I was thinking about your Christmas shopping list. I think it's Ok/best to leave me out of the list. After all, I'm only a casual acquaintance. Thanks for the thoughts anyway.

Nelson | 25.11.04 - 10:01 am


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