Sunday, November 21, 2004

Sim's wedding dinner

Here are some snaps on the wedding dinner (tea ceremony pictures can be viewed here) where I was the MC for the evening. Great to meet them again. Ah, reminded of those good ole days...

Ronald and Chew who came all the way from Singapore

That's Ling Ling's hubby, 2-year-old daughter and herself

Schien and Mee Kee

One for the album - the Australian graduates!
From left: Schien, Ling Ling, Me, Sim (bride), Ronald, Chew, Ade (bridesmaid)

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Friend for Life: Thank you. *blush*
MrsT: *still blushing* I actually bought that dress specially for the dinner a week before. I was careful, err, not to overshadow Sim. ;) A bride will always remain a bride on her wedding day. :)
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 10.12.04 - 3:43 pm


Very pretty dress.. hmmmm.. and in pink..!! i tot you were the bride.. hehehe!!
MrsT | Email | 09.12.04 - 3:40 am


Ah & Wow.
Primrose, you look every bit the PrincEss that I've always known you to be.
Friend For Life | 29.11.04 - 10:05 am


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