Friday, November 26, 2004

Go public

Stressed-up minds and pented up frustrations,
Looking for an outlet to cause a stir
Innocent "Bloom, flowers, bloom..." was used with deliberation
As an avenue for your sparks and spittle ...

This is bad. Very bad. I have just been away for a couple of hours and oh dear, what has happened to my blog? MY innocent blog? What have I written or posted to deserve this taint?

I am going public. I owe everybody a public apology.

I humbly apologise for being irresponsible by allowing posters like yourselves the privilege to place comments. Please bear in mind that I have to pay an annual fee to maintain this 'comments' feature in my blog. So if your comments are not worthy of my annual fee, the link will be disabled.

I humbly apologise on behalf of Nelson who knows not what he was doing. Probably too bogged down with work to cause such abrupt offensiveness to many but yes, RESPECT appreciated when you tread along the garden of Primrose.

With my public apology presented, please be reminded that a primodial life was breath unto this blog because there was a strong urge to speak and write my mind, in free-wheeling time; as free as the doves; as wild as the winds; as determined as words; as expressive as feelings within... It holds my thoughts and MY thoughts alone.

You have the right to remain silent if you have nothing worthy to talk about. Weblogs are meant to be on netspace, perfect for strangers to stumble upon, to read, to muse and bemused, to comment on and move on (or come back).

Thank you Travel Lurker for trying to fend off possible 'attacks' but oh well, individuals are very opinionated, ain't they?
Pete too - you are right. This is no avenue for war. Want war? Search some place else!
Last but not least, Friend for Life, for putting things right for me, for speaking what I would have said. We are telepathic! *grin*
All other passers-by, blog readers and loyal fans - thank you for NOT making a comment for the moment.

Let's grieve a moment of silence, for a pure blog now tainted.

*5 minutes of silence*

Okie dokes! I'm off to the shower now as I have a housewarming party to attend this evening.

*skips off*
*gives a little wave*

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Oh... mine is a worst story .. ppl are terrible..!!!
MrsT | Email | 24.12.04 - 2:03 am


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