Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Someone asked me if I liked nature today.

I like looking out to the sea instead of the lake because there are no obstructions to my view except for some seagulls and some waves. There's a horizon far yonder. I always wonder whether our earth is round and if a vessel reaches the tip of the horizon, would it disappear downwards because the earth curves.

I like staring intently at the trees because they say green absorption is good for the eyes. I like the smell of trees after the morning dew. I like the smell of trees under the shade, accompanied by the breeze. I like the smell of trees under hot sun. I like the smell of trees after the rain.

I like moon gazing. They say that the giant lives in the moon. I wanted to see if there are hinting shadows of the giant's movements (after Jack climbed the beanstalk) but it always turns out that the longer I stare at the moon, the more I feel I'm moving.

I like to look for the brightest star in the sky. They say that it is Venus which happened to be my ruling planet. Wish upon the star for a wish come true.

I'm still not sure if I liked nature because describing nature is like having to describe every splinting star in the whole galaxy...

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