Monday, August 23, 2004

Go green

I just realised in the shower this morning that (almost) all my toiletries in the bathroom were, well ... green.

My green checklist:
Biosource foaming gel from Biotherm
Seaweed purifying facial wash from The Body Shop
Daintree antioxidant facial exfoliator from The Natural Source
Seaweed and peony strengthening shampoo from The Body Shop
Seaweed and peony strengthening conditioner from The Body Shop
Tea tree oil shower gel from Aiken
Pinetarsol Solution, anti-itch soap alternative
Fresh & White mint-flavoured toothpaste
Oral-B mint-flavoured floss

My non-green checklist:
(Magenta) Daintree antioxidant body scrub from The Natural Source
(Beige) Africa Spa body salt scrub from The Body Shop
(Orange) Mango flavoured treatment conditioner from Sasa
(Colourless) Anti-residue shampoo from Neutrogena
(Lilac) Shower loofah
(Yellow) Toothbrush

Is there, in any way, any correlation between green and the shower? The variety of products I have (not to mention the colours as well) definitely made my bathroom looked like a complete spa centre!

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