Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Good reviews, great feedback, dramatic trailers, dashing Cruise - comments drilled me in the brain with some high hopes and how else to discover this better but to watch the movie?

After a large portion of caramel popcorn and a jumbo coke later, I find the show entertaining but quite a disappointment. No doubt there were lots of Cruise to compensate the lack of action and the script was predictable and straightforward. There were times where the show seemingly came to a halt. A pause. Slow. Then, it plunges into a late surge of suspense to increase your adrenalin and hammers down to an uninteresting climax (was there one?).

Well, it's still a good movie to go for but do expect to let out a few yawns.

I thought Mark Ruffalo was good looking. *wink*

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