Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Feeding time

Guy friend: G
Primrose: P

G: What do you feel like eating today?
P: Hmm, I feel like salmon or salmon steak
G: Where do you get salmon steak?
P: I guess any western restaurants serving steak would have fish in their menu
G: Ok, just let me call my friends to see if they want to join us for dinner
P: Sure! (yay, salmon for dinner)

More often than not, when dinner time approaches, I would be engaged in that sort of conversation with most guy friends. They probably did that out of courtesy or probably just practising some "ladies first" manners. As it turns out that I normally don't pay for the meals, I leave the choice up to the guys in fear that if I were to suggest a really expensive restaurant, they might think that I'm just all out looking for a free ride. And if I were to suggest some hawker stalls so as to save them from burning a hole in their pockets, they might think that I'm just not up to their standards. Men!

Well, today particularly, I had a pang to pile up on my weekly omega3 and without any hesitation, I asked for salmon steak. No doubt we went to a seafood restaurant but they wouldn't be serving any salmon because it was chinese. So what was on the menu?

There was spicy sweet and sour crabs, tasty steamed prawns, mini mussels (lala) in seafood broth, cuttlefish with vegetables, some stuffed fried tofu, century eggs with pickled ginger and seafood fried rice. Ok, sounds good. Only thing - I'm allergic to seafood - except for fish. I need fish. Where's the fish? No fish. Calm it, calm it, don't fret! I can't be whining about my allergy and be a spoilsport at the dinner table where guests were around, right? Fine, just eat whatever's being served and deal with the consequences later - like strangle G or better still, kill him!

Of course I have my anti-histamine pills to counter the possible itch. *scratch*scratch*scratch* However, to take a whole pill would require at least 12 hours of sleep. Where the heck do I get 12 hours since I've gotta work tomorrow and wake up at 6? I popped half a pill. Sheesh!

My point is, if you don't intend to listen to me in the first place, don't ask what I wanted to eat. I want my salmon steak, you hear, preferrably grilled salmon! [Yes, I hear. We shall order crabs, prawns, cuttlefish and lala]. Blah! Men! And you say that they are better listeners!

My pill is starting to work. *yawn* I'd better sleep off the effects. Hiaks!

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MrsT: Nope, no give chance now. I firmly say where I want to go and what I want to eat. Err, unless of course, if I don't know. :)
Primrose | Email | Homepage | 10.12.04 - 10:56 pm


Hahhahah!! don't we all have the same problem..!!! Next time. just tell him where. and give address.. !!! Don't give chance..!!! hahahha!!!
MrsT | Email | 09.12.04 - 5:05 am


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