Thursday, June 24, 2004

I could

*sigh* Time to post a blog again, only I have nothing much to blog about. Pressure, pressure!

I could write about how generous I have been despite being broke all the time by giving my mum some cash for her birthday before I went off to Taiwan AND bought her a mini eye shadow pallette from LANCOME in-flight on my way back home *proud*

I could write about my trip to Taiwan recently, only I won't post it here *snigger*

I could write about how the flu bug sneaked up on me silently and got me a fever -twice! And how I pulled a muscle under my ribs from a massage session

I could tell you that my hair stinks now as I don't want to risk washing my hair under the shower and have my flu getting worse which means that I'll have to visit the hair salon soon...

I could also write about how unwilling I was to part with my moolah for:
(1) a wedding gift to a someone whom I am not close to at all, just because I was holding the invite to a dinner at a COMMUNITY HALL down south next week! Talk about the cost of toll and gas for driving all the way down as well. Pfft!
(2) a flight ticket up north and a gift to attend yet another wedding on a blinkin' Sunday, week after next (I reckon that even if I drove, there'd be toll and gas to pay PLUS a lovegift)!

I could write about how I am watching my weight right now and am not thankful to all the extra pounds these wedding dinners intend to pile up on me

I could also say that I'm desperate now, waiting for payday as I'm darn broke. Broke seems to be my word of the year

I could just not bother posting and go zzz.

Yeah, maybe I shall do just that... zzz

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