Wednesday, May 05, 2004


At long last, Bank Holidays came to an end. Called in on an emergency leave at work today and:

(1) Visited the National Registration Department to redo my identification card
I was there at 7am (government start functioning at 8am) but there I was, way back in line already. My spirits were let down but I was determined to stand there for an hour to get a number ticket. I was the 127th with 126 still waiting.
Drove home for breakfast, later visited the kodak shop to get my pretty face snapped for the purpose of my driving license. By the time I reached the NRD at 11-ish am, they have already processed 100 people (*bah* 100 only??). Fine. Another 26 more to go. I can take that. $40 went down the drain for this replacement.

(2) Visited my mobile phone service provider to replace my SIM card
Drove to town straight after I got my temporary identification. After a half-hour wait and $50 later, a new SIM card was given and at least, I get to keep my number.

(3) Re-did my driving license
Drove back home again and paid my driving agency a visit. Another $190 poorer. *sigh*

(4) Visit banks to collect my new credit cards and my ATM card
One word: LAZY. I shall procrastinate on this one.

Money, money, money! The flow seems to be on a one-way street. This is just soooo pathetic!

Current emotions: Relief
Random observation: My scraped knee and grazes have begun to dry up and scabbing
Currently reading: From Cradle to Grave by Joyce Egginton
Currently listening to: Morse code on ham radio