Thursday, December 31, 2015


I sharpen them once a year and I happened to do it this morning. It's going to bring me through a year's worth of meetings and scribbling again... It's kinda therapeutic.

Someone said "Use a pen, then you don't need to sharpen them".
Another said "There is inherently something different when using a pencil versus a pen. I too love the feel of pencils".
Another said "Use a mechanical pencil".

Well, dear friends, I seemed to prefer the pencil when I am scribbling because I am weird like that. I like the scuffing, scratchy sound the lead makes on paper. A mechanical pencil? Oh no no. It doesn't give the same sound a pencil makes. And it is thinner, sharper and might make holes on the paper if (.. IF ..) I am feeling frustrated while making fast notes.

2015 had been quite blunt. Let's sharpen into a more forceful 2016.

#InilahSegenggamPensilku# (translated loosely as "Here is my fistful of pencils").

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