Monday, March 07, 2011

Fish & Potato Pie

So I had some time to take photos of what I was cooking over the weekend. Why not post it up, I thought ... Makes a good recipe note-to-self in the future if I ever forget my how-tos. :)

I was at the market on a Saturday as usual, stocking up on dry ingredients like potatoes, onions, garlic and the like. And then, I walked past the fishmonger and saw some fresh looking fishies staring back at me. Hmmm, why not? I detoured and stopped at my regular. I pointed at a small but fleshy, thick piece of grouper and asked for it to be weighed. Wow, RM18 for a piece of fresh fish? *shrug* That's why they don't come frozen...

So I continued on with my marketing, not knowing exactly what I wanted to do with that piece of fish yet until I get home and dig into my fridge to see what other accompaniments there is.

Ahhh, I had cheese, I had an unopened box of cream, I had some frozen prawns and squids - I immediately thought "western" and "seafood in white sauce". I checked my larder and found pastas of all sorts and cans of tomato puree and thought "marinara". So what did I want to do? No fret, let's deal with the fish first and thaw the prawns and squid, I thought.

So the silly fishmonger forgotten to de-skin my piece of fish as I have instructed. Looks like I'd have to do it myself now. What a bother! Here's how:

1) Bring some water to a boil
2) Boil the fish, de-bone, de-skin and leave it aside
3) Keep the fish stock for later use

At this point, I was just too lazy to make a pasta dish. Fish and potato pie it will be, I thought truimphantly! Just perfect to serve 2. :)

4) Melt a piece of butter and put in sliced onions
5) 2 tablespoons of cream from my box and add fish stock
6) Put in the fish meat, salt and pepper to taste
7) Since I had leftover prawns, I put it in too. I will keep the squid for some other dishes
8) Lastly, add some chopped parsley. You can't cook seafood without lemon or parsley
Note: Boil potatoes already :)

9) Put cooked contents into a casserole
10) Mash potatoes with a small knob of butter and no salt. Spread it on top of the casserole
11) Place 3 slices of cheddar cheese on top of potatoes (this will add that cheesy saltiness to the otherwise bland potatoes)
12) Melt the cheese in a pre-heated oven of 200deg for about 6 mins (or microwave at one and a half mins if you can't wait that long)
13) Serve!

I served my fish and potato pie with simply blanched brocolli florets. It was all wiped clean. Burrrpppp! :)

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