Thursday, November 06, 2008

Chomp some roo

I was recently in Australia for a holiday and I was quite happy to get acquainted with roo again. Many years ago, I tried roo jerky. Yummy and tasted like any meat floss you can find here. Only tougher and need some good teeth.

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This time, it is a whole slab of raw meat already marinated with herb and garlic. 98% fat free, cholesterol free, gluten free - I think AUD4.63 is very cheap in exchange for good health

Good for you and good for the environment! Approved by the National Heart Foundation too!

Your poo is probably more degradeable

Cooking method: Just like how you would cook your beef steak. Roo meat is best eaten rare or medium rare

Some nutritional information and ingredients that comes with the pack

That slab of raw meat. See those herbs and garlic?

Fry it with some olive oil. Makes it even healthier. Sear meat for 2 mins each side to get the beautiful "cooked" colour

I cooked it to well-done because I don't like my meat bloody. It was juicy and tasted like beef / emu / ostrich / venison / deer

And while I was having this hearty meal, I happened to flip the papers and read this small little article

Be environment friendly by eating roo, please.

10 flowers for this post
So Prose, how many kg did you add on, or izzit miNURSE?

Maybe can rty another recipe: roo roo roo your (steam)boat!

welcome back to blogosphere, now game for some Seremban candlelight vigil cum possibly singAlong -- waltzing matilda the Furong way!
ylchong | Homepage | 07.11.08 - 1:03 am | #


PS: Note to all Primrose fans:

OPEN INVITE: Drop by Dataran Seremabn Park Fridae Nov 7 at 8pm for some singAlong at anti-ISA candlelight vigil...Bring thy friends.
Thanks without AP using thy turf, dear PRose, to PR a community service project; I will buy endless tehtarik at Lingam's CH,Paul Street an hour before the do, or did!
Regards, YL, Desi
ylchong | 07.11.08 - 1:11 am | #


Wow, some good info and the roo and how you cooked it made it sooo yummy to look at!

Am glad you're back and will look forward to more posts regarding your Australian trip.

Oh, by the way, your comment in Char-sh Part II is blank, I received a notification through email.

As for my applications, I'm pretty excited too!
Lene | 07.11.08 - 11:03 am | #


err.. roo meat? As in the boxing roos? or Winnie the Pooh's friends, Kanga and Roo?
Wang Tai Tai | Homepage | 07.11.08 - 7:28 pm | #


kangaroo meat, interesting.
i went to China recently, was supposed to try on dog meat but couldn't find any as it's only available during winters.
kruy | Homepage | 09.11.08 - 12:18 am | #


Hi Desi, how was Fridae night?

Hey Lene, I replied on your post. I saw my previous comment was visible already.

Hehe, funny, Wang Tai Tai. Uhm, I think boxing roos are possible since the meat's tough and fatfree. Kanga is mama roo and Roo is baby joey, right? Guess it would be Kanga's meat.

Hey kruy! Dog meat ah? Yeah, it's available in winter but nah, I don't think I'd ever try dog meat. They say after eating dog meat, dogs can sense it and won't come near you. Since I have a poodle at home.....
Primrose | Homepage | 09.11.08 - 12:49 pm | #

Hi there, oh yeah, I was able to publish your post through the blogger site. But the email notification was really blank. But anyways, it's all well.

So, how are you? I look forward to more posts about your recent trip in Australia.
Lene | Homepage | 13.11.08 - 7:54 pm | #


wish i have a chance to try them over here
foodcrazee | 16.11.08 - 2:14 am | #


titoki | Homepage | 02.12.08 - 3:07 pm | #


oh yum, it looks really good ^^

i'm all for trying new stuff. and if it's healthy. hey, sign me up! haha.
g. | Homepage | 08.12.08 - 1:53 pm | #


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