Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Colgate not

At a quick glance, the red and white tube sure does look like Colgate regular toothpaste. Another look at it and ... *piang*

Some cheap Made-in-China toothpaste

Dad used it in the morning and he complained that it tasted stale and felt like rough soil. Poor dad. He didn't know it until he starting polishing sand onto his enamel. I hope no harm was done since it was described at Exceed Strong

Of course, we had a good laugh reading whatever's written on the tube, just like any Made-in-China stuff

I think the authorities should indeed supervise the manufacturers in China

See what the recent fuel price hike has done to us. Mum was trying to stinge even on toothpaste! *gasp* Thank goodness I am allergic to Colgate and wouldn't have attempted using it anyway. I use Fresh n White. The green one. I'll get my own toothpaste next time, thank you. Heh!

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charlene | Homepage | 24.07.08 - 10:46 am | #


poor thing, even toothpaste have to change to made-in-China brand. just use half the portion of what u normally had and only brush once a day!
kruy | Homepage | 25.07.08 - 7:52 pm | #


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