Saturday, December 15, 2007

Counting down

The past few weeks had been madness. I was kinda stressed out juggling my time between work and play. I finally had some time to put together some pictures taken from my phone and a one-liner update.

I had the opportunity to watch 'Chicago The Musical' held at Plenary Hall, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre, on 7 November.

We took a drive to Lumut and hopped on a ferry to Pangkor Island last weekend 8-10 December. We stayed at the Pangkor Island Beach Resort, I caught up with some extra hours of sleep, burnt myself slightly under the sun, took in a lot of sea breeze and stuffed myself crazy. That's what beach holidays are for anyway. And I was stress-free for a while. It was a much needed break.

With less than 10 days away to Christmas and counting down, I rushed through my Christmas shopping this year and just managed to send out Christmas cards last week. Yup, I still send out real cards with a personal message through conventional post and lick the stamps.

The year is closing in and closing fast! Amidst all the Christmas cheers and jingle bells, take a wild minute to reflect on 2007. You might need to write about it come end December and it's a really good topic to talk about come New Year's day. *winks*

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Thank you for the surprise card. Not many people send 'real' cards nowadays but instead opt for e-cards. There is really nothing like receiving a card through the post. It gives one such a warm feeling. Thanks again and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!
bkworm | Homepage | 16.12.07 - 8:37 pm | #


Hello Primrose~! Merry X'mas..

Looking back on 2007..
charlene | Homepage | 18.12.07 - 9:29 am | #


it's amazing how time is flying like a bullet train and in a blink of eyes, it's new year again... not to mention i have actually following your blog for more than a year now! can't wait to read your new year's resolution and have a happy christmas! *hugz*
MeiyeN | Homepage | 18.12.07 - 11:14 am | #


Finally, an update! I'm so guilty for not having to send 'real' cards on time. I promise I will send next occassion.

It's always a good time to reflect especially if you do have so many things on your mind. It's another hello 2008, goodbye 2007!

Merry Christmas!
Lene | 18.12.07 - 2:36 pm | #


Companies like Hallmark like the likes of PRose, still licking' stamps besides KFC. I lick'd some too following your footsteps (Hope da princess is still gard'ning at Taman Supreme! -- tasted funny/fanny/fonny -- steal an XXperience. Merry Christmas, butt spare the *turkey OK!

PS: Watched West Wing manyX recently, one episode the Press Chief gets 2 turkeys and has tochoose to spare one -- WH tradition. IF I were in HER position, I believe I will use a two-headed coin, SPARE BOTH TURKEYS and buy barrels of KFC as they're finger and mistleTOE-lickin' gooder
ylchong | Homepage | 20.12.07 - 2:43 pm | #


hey frances, wishing you and your family a happy christmas!
MeiyeN | Homepage | 24.12.07 - 10:30 am | #


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