Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Choir of Trinity College

Hail from the University of Melbourne, the Choir of Trinity College is here in Malaysia. Their performance was held at the Plenary Theater, KL Convention Centre yesterday and they should be making their way up to the Pearl of the Orient now, then down south to JB and then to Spore before going off to Europe in their choir tour.

The poster. The Choir was directed by Michael Leighton Jones, who was very humourous and witty. He made very good bass singer in the rendition of one of the Beatles songs. I believe it got the loudest applause

The cover page of the Programme selling at only RM5

My cheap ticket going at RM60 but had the earlybird discount, down to RM54. Cool!

Classy decor leading to the entrance of the Plenary Theater at KL Convention Centre with the Choir's CD playing on the background. CD was selling at RM50, all proceeds for a good cause to a children's home in Melbourne

Me posing next to poster

The Young KL Singers made an opening appearance as well as a closing as supporting choir group. I thought the female singers were pretty mature for the Young KL Singers. Not bad at all, only if they could have smiled more on stage instead of grim looks.

The Choir of Trinity College performed lots of folk songs and lullabys from around the world - in 80 minutes, as Michael puts it. So 80 minutes it was, of graceful and soothing music. They gave a surprise encore of a local flavour "Jong jong inai, mak ipong rajawali". Excellent!

The performance ended with me asking for more. My colleague who went with me was nudging me to get off my seat.

Colleague: Hey! It's only a RM60 ticket, ok? What do you expect?
Primrose: Ooohh! I forgot! I thought I could continue clapping and they'll have to come back on stage and give a second round of encore.

Heh, heh! But don't they always??? Better luck next time.

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rm60 per tic is affordable! and.. you looked so beautiful in that pic! :D
MeiyeN | Homepage | 04.07.07 - 3:50 pm | #


ah, the princess always know how to enjoy life with live musicals
kruy | Homepage | 04.07.07 - 6:18 pm | #


you gave me an inspirations of live musicals. You look happy whenever there's music. Awww..i missed this, i was there at the KLCC Convention centre but with other meetings.

ha, i have to learn how to make a glass of nice almond milk for you.
charlene | Homepage | 06.07.07 - 1:06 am | #


Hello, thot I'd just say Hi and thanks for your comments about the Young KL Singers. Am one of the altos Will try to make sure we smile more instead of looking so grim! Heheh

Yin | Homepage | 13.07.07 - 8:08 pm | #


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