Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Have you ever peeped through a telescope before, looking at distant objects, sometimes knowing what you're aiming at and other times scanning at random until something is interesting enough to capture your attention?

Have you ever wondered that life is just like that? How often is your focus in life of life itself aimless? For sure one needs to look at plans. Any plans. Short-term plans, future ones - but one also needs to keep in focus: a unanimous focus. Only with focus comes a clear objective which otherwise, will transform to vagueness with no purpose. Feel free to scan horizontally and vertically to find an interesting path because with it reflects fragments of hope and figments of reality. Note the importance of adjusting the lenses as you go along focusing in life as a blurry subject would only lead one astray in confusion.

My kaleidoscopic view currently needs some focus. Spare me a penny for the telescope?

Attention captured through the eye of seekers
Seekers seek the attention captured through the lenses in life
Life itself seeks an owner
Owner seeks to bring Life's attention

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Igive thee lenses in cenemascope and desi-kolor. Happy and Progressive Nu'e Fireball Year!
May your peeping land thee an A*star.
ylchong | 21.02.07 - 10:18 am | #


oh dear, looks like I need to get a telescope quick coz i've long forgotten how to focus....just wandering aimlessly day after day. tsk..tsk...pardon my confession during this Boar-ing year.

But still would like to wish you Gong Xi Fa Cai!
bkworm | Homepage | 23.02.07 - 10:00 am | #


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