Sunday, November 05, 2006


Oh gosh! I've gone slightly crazy over muffin-baking. Baked for fun anyway. They were mostly given away because everyone got bored eating them.

I spiced up plain muffins with banana, strawberry, strawberry & peanut butter, raspberry, chocolate ... I was every bit an extremist there.

But I guess the most successful one were the blueberry muffins.

Some still didn't rise nor crack very well though. Anyone with the perfect recipe, please share!


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ah, finally... ;p

whoa, muffins with so many flavours.. must have taken you all day long to make them. when gonna bake for me? ;p
kruy | Homepage | 05.11.06 - 11:36 am | #


Wah~~~ that's really a lot of muffins!! Did you try to make peanut butter muffin? :P I like peanut butter.

I love food network, learn a lot of things from it. Maybe that will help you to look for your perfect muffin recipe.
fish fish | Homepage | 05.11.06 - 12:27 pm | #

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- many flavours!!! i always love muffins... yummy!
MeiyeN | Homepage | 06.11.06 - 10:36 am | #


Can bake for you anytime ler, kruy. I didn't bake all of them in one day but at least twice a day, in batches of 12.

Hey thanks fish fish. Yes, very useful. Only that they measure in cups instead of in grams. Can anyone tell me how many grams would one cup be?

So now I know you like muffins and cheesecakes, MeiyeN.
Primrose | Homepage | 07.11.06 - 12:30 am | #


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