Monday, September 04, 2006

6+6 facts

I've been meme-ed by Titoki but it's quite a nice meme to do and I'll keep it very short, simple and slightly naughty - 6 random facts about me.

Fact 1 - I don't use perfumes
Fact 2 - I wax my legs, never shave them
Fact 3 - I wear my watch on the left wrist
Fact 4 - I'll be caught dead without an anklet on my left ankle
Fact 5 - I like sleeping on my left
Fact 6 - I make good cheesecakes, baked and non-baked alike *winks*

Hmm, seems too short. Can I add another 6 random facts?

Fact 1 - I dig my nose (who doesn't)
Fact 2 - I dig my ears (who doesn't)
Fact 3 - I smell my fart (who doesn't)
Fact 4 - I trim my pubes (who doesn't)
Fact 5 - I whiff at my pee, sometimes taste a drop of it (ptui!)
Fact 6 - I scratch my asshole anus (see fatt loong) when it itches (who doesn't)


I would like to tag 6 people in doing this fun meme:
Friend For Life
Mama Bok
Fish Fish

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OK, PrincEss, I accept.

Fact 1 - I don't use perfumes either. (Though I found some ultra cheap Tommy Hilfiger Eau de Toilette in Phuket and thought I'd give it a try. Now that I have, I think it is a totally overrated, useless, pointless product, no matter how cheap.)

Fact 2 - I don't wax OR shave my legs.

Fact 3 - I also wear the fake Rolex I picked up in Phuket on my left wrist. Maybe not for much longer, though. It doesn't keep the time very accurately.

Fact 4 - I don't wear anklets. Socks with New Balance Motion Control shoes plus orthotic inserts serves me well.

Fact 5 - I sleep on my right, and shamefully often snore. Sometimes I snore so bad that it induces nose bleeds. (Or is it blood-pressure nose bleeds that are causing the snoring?)

Fact 6 - I love eating cheesecakes but try to refrain from so doing for the sake of my all-too-considerable girth.
Friend For Life | 04.09.06 - 8:58 am | #



Ouch Ouch Ouch!!!

I just don't bother with it. Muahahaha. My legs' hair are as thick as the rainforest in our backyard. LOL.
titoki | Homepage | 04.09.06 - 9:59 am | #


thanks dear, i'll give it a try shortly. Sounds fun~! i like fun thing~!
charlene | Homepage | 04.09.06 - 11:05 pm | #


Wei sweetie, done!
fish fish | Homepage | 05.09.06 - 7:37 am | #


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