Friday, August 04, 2006


I was hungry. I eyed a loaf of wheatgerm bread on top of the fridge. I reached out for a slice. I opened the fridge to scout for some marmalade or better still, hotdog or corn beef when my eye caught sight of kaya*. I love kaya, especially the Gardenia's Auntie Rosie which comes in Pandan flavour or Original. I spread a thick layer onto my slice of bread and sank my teeth into it. Suddenly, my throat knotted. I couldn't seem to swallow that supposedly delicious bite.

This particular kaya is also my grandpa's favourite. He never fails to buy 2 jars every week. He must have forgotten to bring it along. He must be missing it. He must have left it behind for me.

I must be missing him.

Kaya* means "rich" in Malay. Main ingredients are eggs and coconut milk, stirred continuously for hours into paste-like texture. Very "rich" and creamy.

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Oh, I see the hidden significance of this post. It's about the 4th of August being an auspicious Chinese date representing getting rich!
Friend For Life | 05.08.06 - 7:40 pm | #


Coconut milk is quite calorific. As for me I am trying to avoid it, but mostly because of its smell. I do not know why but it irritates me a lot. Though I add coconut oil to the creams me and my wife use.
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Jess | Homepage | 05.08.06 - 9:42 pm | #


Glad to have you back again! =) It looks like a yogurt to me. I love pandan flavor too! Yum, makes me long for a salad now...
arGlene | 06.08.06 - 6:24 pm | #


I like kaya + butter + a cup of kopi. It is the BESTEST and the most lethal combination of breakfast you can ever get in M'sia. *wink wink*
titoki | Homepage | 06.08.06 - 11:48 pm | #


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