Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I feel bitter. We feel bitter. But what can we do when the matter is between two generations before us?

When they were around, they were stubborn. They do things their way. They irritate in one way or another. But compared to others of the same generation, they are almost obedient. They are capable. They can be independent.

However, she has her reasons for doing what she did to them. She has all the reasons she thought makes it valid for her actions. She wants to think that she is not to be blamed. She wants to think that it's a blessing in disguise.

I guess we weren't brought up to be able to accept whatever that has happened. As much as we disagree, what's done is done. Being the ones caught in between, we can only do our best to ease the situation, whatever our best can be for as long as whatever's left of it.

No one will ever understand the history behind the generations. I don't think it will ever be uncurtained. As much as we tried to understand the facts, a lot of the truth will be shaded but shrouded.

We still feel bitter, with welled up tears but sigh...if this is how she wants things to be, there's nothing more we can do. As someone said once, we have to let things we can't change go or it will eat us up inside.

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Cheer up my dear. When caught in between, when nothing much can be done except to shower them with love your way.
chiki | 01.08.06 - 9:02 am | #


No one likes to be corrected or criticized. And old habits die hard. Sigh. We just have to follow the flow. Take care princess.
titoki | Homepage | 01.08.06 - 11:44 am | #


Just hope when you have kids, you won't treat them this way.
Hijackqueen | Homepage | 02.08.06 - 4:52 pm | #


Hijackqueen: You should write "When you have kids, let's hope that THEY don't treat you like this". Thanks for stopping by. Nice blog you have on your prince/princesses.
Primrose | Homepage | 02.08.06 - 11:32 pm | #


:-< That's life, isn't it?
bkworm | Homepage | 04.08.06 - 5:28 pm | #


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