Sunday, July 16, 2006

Weekend binge

A trip up north to hometown Penang had Mum and I waking up early on Friday morning to start our journey by car at 330am! I couldn't stop yawning but we wanted to get there in time for breakfast, see?

And then we arrived 4 hours later! The traffic on the Penang Bridge was very bad in both directions. The fee is still RM7.00 into the island. A beautiful and clear morning.

And then we reached town centre in search of breakfast! Landmark Komtar against the morning sky.

And then we reached home and I couldn't wait to sit on the swing. [Almost] Every house in Penang has a swing, regardless of whether the gardens are small or big. Wheeee!

Food glorious fooooood!!

And the trip will not be complete without a food binge! Oh gosh, I sure hope to lose the weight I put on over the last 3 days! Lots more other food that I have forgotten to take a picture of, because I couldn't wait to dig in already - muar chee with lots of kacang tumbuk, curry mee with lots of tau pok, apom with lots of bananas and corn, cendol with lots of red bean, lor bak with lots of lor, popiah with lots of gravy ... *drooooling still*

And the trip was completed with a visit to see the newborn. Recognise the baby, anyone? I'll give you some tau sar pneah if you can name the smiling baby... *heh*
Hint: I can be 62% evil too!

And it's time to bid Penang goodbye on a hazy Sunday afternoon.

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hello dearie, i supposed your hometown from Penang? You know, i love Penang, because there are plenty of good food, am a food lover..when i see those food piccies, i get mouth watering.
charlene | 17.07.06 - 12:46 am | #


That's REGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

Now where is my tau sar pneah?
titoki | Homepage | 17.07.06 - 2:32 am | #


Yup..! regine..!! micheal's princess..!!
Mama BoK | Homepage | 17.07.06 - 2:17 pm | #


the swing. yeah, two of my relative's house in penang has a swing as well.
kruy | Homepage | 17.07.06 - 3:55 pm | #


That explains why Regine suddenly stormed out of our house that day. I can see that she went out to meet you...

Hmmmmm... that's not right. She's suppose to date BOYS... not a girl...
michaelooi | Homepage | 17.07.06 - 4:08 pm | #


Is that your babee? Very cute. Is that you in the picture? Very cute also. :-P
Papabear | 17.07.06 - 11:00 pm | #


Hi Char! Yes, Penang's my hometown. Never out of good food.

Wah titoki! You spoil the fun liau! Come come, wa chia lu chiak tau sar pneah! Come, come!

Wow MamaBok, Michaelooi sure is famous, huh? Regine's recognisable all the way from Canada! Woooo!

Love to swing around the swings for the breeze and the time to reflect, kruy. It feels great. How come there aren't many swings in KL? Ppl are too busy I suppose...

Hello michael! Regine knows I wanna smell her feet. So she came to show me her dainty feet!!

Papabear: Thanks for dropping by BUT... NO that's not my babee. Yes, that's me. NO, you can't use my blog address as yours. Cut the "C"!
Primrose | Homepage | 17.07.06 - 11:15 pm | #


penang food is da best. Penang rulz !! Will fly kms to taste it...yummy.
leonard | 18.07.06 - 2:17 pm | #


I love the oyster omelette and the hokkien fried noodles....

We do get them in Kuching except that it is not as good as Penang....the nearest I get to taste Penang food is during the Annual Penang hawker buffet at Holiday Inn...
MNG | Homepage | 18.07.06 - 3:02 pm | #


Primrose - Apparantely Holiday Inn boasted the aunthenticity of the penang food in their annual hawker fest merely because all the hawker operators are flown from Penang...1 char kueh tiaw apek was from the hawker stall at Gurney street, or so he claimed lah
MNG | Homepage | 19.07.06 - 9:40 am | #


You know, you actually looks great..hehe..sweet girl that is. Though i havent meet you IRL, but am sure you looks stunning~! keep your beauty, sleep well, eat well and drink well..
charlene | Homepage | 19.07.06 - 11:11 pm | #


Oh food glorious food,
they should name all the Penang babes Oliver/Olivia.
And has the food -- or Gurney Drive air -- anything to do with these Penang gals speaking in sing-song ways? Luckily the guys are not ditto affected!
ylchong | Homepage | 24.07.06 - 6:13 pm | #


What a nice swing you got there. If I have one at home, it'll be my 'corner'. =) The baby is so chubby, so huggable, soo cute! When will you have one? :P
arGlene | 25.07.06 - 10:33 am | #


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