Tuesday, July 11, 2006


A corner of an envelope was sticking out from the waste paper basket and it caught my inquisitive eye as I was sashaying lazily into the hall, returning from work this evening. Busybody me bent down to fish it out from among other crumpled paper balls and roughly torn pieces of trash.

Look what I found. Such beautiful and unique-shaped stamps from Oman. Stamp collectors out there, anybody? Do you want these for yourself? I'd be happy to send them to you by post with a Kuala Lumpur stamp stuck on a fresh envelope. Hehe!

And I just realised that I took the snapshots so perfectly, as if they were positioned the way it is with the date stamp almost a perfect circle. Am I good, or am I just good? *cheeky grin*

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dearie, nice snapshots, i was a stamp collector during highschool.

charlene | Homepage | 13.07.06 - 11:17 am | #


Thank you for removing your dangerous chatbox, PrincEss. Now, the pop-ups and occasional attempted trojan installations have ended. The world, and your blog, have now become a safer place.
Friend For Life | 13.07.06 - 2:29 pm | #


yes, i was also a stamp collector during school time. now my stamps are just in a box/container. if no stamp-collector wants it, can u send it to me pls?

oic, so the pop-ups are from the chatbox. yeah, the pop-ups were quite annoying.
kruy | Homepage | 14.07.06 - 3:37 pm | #


You are good! God, how I wish I can do such snapshots too...ey, I think it's better you keep those for remembrance! =)
arGlene | 16.07.06 - 4:23 pm | #


Hi Char, me too but I never kept it up.

Hey FFL, you were right then. It WAS the chat box!

Hey kruy! I'll be happy to send them to you. Email me your address?

Don't think I want to keep them arGlene. Have no use for them. Yeah, the stamps weren't positioned above each other, so that was quite a perfect shot.
Primrose | Homepage | 16.07.06 - 6:39 pm | #


Hey,i read your comment about Guardian on minishorts page. It was dated almost a year ago.U said that u would send minishorts' page to your friend who happens to be the branch manager of ALL Guardian outlets. Im wondering if he/she is still holding the same post because I would like to get his/her contact number as I understand that a new branch at Dataran Sunway would be opening soon. Thank you.
siewann | 26.07.06 - 10:53 pm | #


Hi siewann, sent you a reply to your email.
Primrose | Homepage | 27.07.06 - 2:09 pm | #


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